THURSDAY 13: Novel 1st Lines | Part 4 | Thriler Horror -

THURSDAY 13: Novel 1st Lines | Part 4 | Thriler Horror

I've gone all horror and thriller today! :) 
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40. Behavioral Science, the FBI section that deals with serial murder, is on the bottom floor of the Academy building at Quantico, half-buried in the earth.
Thomas Harris
, The Silence of the Lambs, [1988]

41. Red sees the corpse's feet as he walks through the door.
Boris Starling, Messiah, [1999]

42. They couldn't really be called nightmares, because Bobby Carter experienced them in the daytime as well.
David Ferring, The Hills Have Eyes part 2 The lucky ones were already dead...[1984]

43. With the woman on his mind and a deep uneasiness in his heart, Spencer Grant drove through the glistening night, in search for the red door.
Dean Koontz, Dark Rivers of the Heart, [1994]

44. She sits in the corner trying to draw air out of a room which seemed to have plenty a few minutes ago, and now seems to have none.
Stephen King, Rose Madder, [1995]

45. When Archbishop Richard Rushman, known to Catholic, Protestant, and Jew alike as 'the Saint of Lakeview Drive', because of his great charitable works, stepped out of the shower he had less than ten minutes to live.
William Diehl, Primal Fear, [1992]

46. As soon as he stepped into the dim appartment he knew he was dead.
Jeffery Deaver, Garden of Beasts, [2004]

47. The small mounds of dark earth scattered around the graveyard looked as though the dead were pushing their way back into the living world.
James Herbert, Shrine, [1983]

48. It was midnight on the day of his nineteenth birthday and exactly a week before the funfair arrived that David Carter saw The Claw.
Steve Harris, Adventureland, [1990]

49. The knife felt cold against her flesh.
Shaun Hutson, Relics, [1986]

50. Alarms first went off in my head when the landlord and the lobsterman showed me what had been washed up on the beach.
Mo Hayder, Pig Island, [2006]

51. 'Help! Someone - anyone - please, help me!'
William Hussey, Witchfinder; Dawn of the Demontide, [2010] YA horror | Website |

Saving one of the best to last (I'd forgotten how good this one was. Is it too long? I don't think all authors could get this one past their editors.)

52. Shortly before being knocked out unconscious and bound to a chair, before being injected with an unknown substance against his will, and before discovering that the world was deeply mysterious in ways he'd never before imagined, Dylan O'Conner left his motel room and walked across the highway to a brightly lighted fast-food franchise to buy cheeseburgers, French fries, pockets pies with apple filling, and a vanilla milkshake.
Dean Koontz, By the Light of the Moon, [2002]

What's your Thursday 13?

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  1. You've listed some great books there. I'm a lover of horror fiction.

  2. Oh S.'re never one to disappoint. I always love coming here or your T-13.

    AND...if you really want to change your blog layout in blogspot, there is a free site that has some great's called Cutest Blogs on the Block or something like that. And it's VERY simple....easy directions. Let me see if I can find the link. Hold on.

  3. Here is the link....just pick the one you like if you want to change your design, and then, there are directions on how to do it's very easy.

  4. Yeah, the last one was my favorite, too! Great list :-)

  5. Hi Anthony - Yes me too. Thanks!

    Thanks Anni - that's very helpful and kind of you.

    It's very clever, Janet :) Gotta love a man that can get away with that length of sentence LOL

  6. Great list. There are a few of those on mine as well.

  7. your choice in books is great :)
    but mostly it is dark any reason for that?

  8. GREAT list. One of my favorite first lines is "The most beautiful corpse I'd ever seen was sitting behind my desk." Laurell K. Hamilton--the Killing Dance.

    I never read Primal Fear-- I will have to.

  9. I am so very not up for this list. It's too scary! I watched The Host a couple of days ago and almost gave myself a heart attack.

  10. OH I love scary books!! I'm adding some to my wish list!

  11. I'm definitely not a horror girl. Some of these lines are chilling.

  12. Nice list! I'm gonna have to add a few of those titles to my book pile. Happy T13!

  13. I don't really read Horror or Thrillers, sorry. Bad nerves, you know.

  14. Wow, that final one IS long. But it works.

    Did you know I have a second, publicity blog? Go on over to West of Mars and check out Win a Book. I'll be glad to post about your guest authors and/or gives.

  15. I remember reading Silence of the Lambs and chain-smoking at the same time. No. 52 reminds me of thesis sentences :-)

  16. I like a good thriller but not so much horror. I couldn't watch Silence of the Lambs.


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