REVIEW: Daddy's Girl ~ Stella Black ~ Virgin Books -

REVIEW: Daddy's Girl ~ Stella Black ~ Virgin Books

Title: Daddy's Girl
Author: Stella Black
Website of Author:
Publisher: Virgin Books
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Genre: Memoir/Autobiography/Erotic/Age Play/Spanking
Publication date: August 2007
ISBN-13: 9780753512807
Length: Novel
Format: Print

An insightful, passionately written recollection of the bliss and struggles of age play

Taken from the author's personal diaries (1982-89), this true account of living life as a Daddy's Girl. Stella Black describes how, to begin with, their relationship was beautifully crafted (despite ups and downs) into more than just a game, but a lifestyle. One which may be seen as wrong and dysfunctional by some, but not to others who know all too well how difficult it can be to sustain such an intense and special relationship. Is it more hard work than a vanilla relationship? I think so, yet along with these preliminary thoughts comes a sense that Stella also found it more fulfilling, and worth every second, minute, day and year that she spent in her 'Daddy's' strong, protective arms.

Of course, her provider, lover and guardian angel, Daddy, with all his authoritarian principles and attitudes loved Stella, but he had problems of his own to deal with. Despite having plenty of cash, to an outsider he appeared to be a man who had everything. Reading in between the lines, from Stella's inside view, this still was not enough. His own wants and needs were not completely being filled. This, unfortunately, is where Mandy, a Venezuelan Male bi-sexual steps into the picture and danger and distrust, which up until that point had not been part of Stella's vocabulary, enveloped her space, and threatened to ruin everything Stella and her Daddy had.

As this reviewer read her heartfelt words, which seemingly and fluently, just poured right from her heart, and dripped on each page of her memoir, I was transported into a world full of unconditional love, jaded with problems. Happiness, blanketed with tension and a feeling that her earlier memories of her childhood had a lot to answer for. They played a huge role in shaping her destiny and produced a yearning for the kind of gap replacement that overcomes one when something is missing from one's life. This coupled with the unavoidable desires that sneak up only too often when the usual nuclear family unit, in particular with the absence of a father she always wanted, is not present. Then there is the fact that she was brought up by her grandmother who was a consummate narcissist and alcoholic.

It is interesting to learn how the choices she made, or had made for her, forced out a whole range of mixed emotions, especially those fears and worries that come with age play and the fact that on account of the large age differences such a life cannot go on forever. This was intelligently discussed and philosophised by Stella.

Before I go I have to add that the word 'play' by the way, when used with 'age play' should never be taken at face value. One must see beyond the limitations of what the word 'play' initially suggests and clearly Stella and her Daddy were not just playing in the true sense of the word.

This is a fantastic biography. A verbose record of their experiences. I am honoured Stella chose to share these intimate, intense, pleasurable and sometimes truly painful memories. I felt as if she was revealing her innermost secrets to me, as one would perhaps on a quiet night in with a best friend and a bottle of wine. In fact, I could have been there, standing in her shoes, needing the same help and support. A must read, over and over again book! I will be looking out for Stella's fictional work from now on.

Reviewer: Angelika Devlyn
REVIEW: Daddy's Girl ~ Stella Black ~ Virgin Books REVIEW: Daddy's Girl ~ Stella Black ~ Virgin Books Reviewed by Angelika Devlyn on 12:42 pm Rating: 5


  1. This "Daddy's Girl" book looks veryyyy intriguing! Thanks for sharing your review--will check it out.

    Best regards,

    p.s what a fab site this is!

  2. Yes, I loved it, Dave, as you can tell. Thanks for commenting on my review! (and the fab site, of course).

    Angie x

  3. Anonymous8:35 am

    As long as the girl and her father are just close, and nothing is taboo, this book seems facinating.

  4. Anonymous7:06 am

    This book gave me incentive to read again! it was fantastic


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