We have moved to Wordpress!

Hello there, fellow authors, bloggers, friends and fans.

It's been a while, but after a huge hickup in life we are back and raring to go, however, with less time to promote than we once did we are bringing the ALTERNATIVE-READ SITE back to life in a whole new way and OPENING THE BLOG UP TO AUTHORS to contribute directly!

We'd still like to promote all you authors for free, so we have moved this blog to Wordpress, where we can handle this much better.

If you, an author of any genre, would like to become a new AR blog contributor and share your own book news (blog posts, book excerpts, giveways etc) directly on the blog then please email: for an invite. 

This way we can continue to promote you for free, and we do already have a worldwide following -- such a shame to waste this! Hence the changes. 

Any questions, please email above and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause our readers. 

AUTHORS; This offer will close once we get enough contributors, so act quick! 

You can still see Sassy Brit Reviews on the Amazon website here

Plus all the reviews, posts and comments on this blog have been transferred to wordpress, so nothing has been lost. :)  


Angelika Devlyn | My Website | Free Author Promotions!

Want to be a blog contributor? Please email with your request and enclose a brief bio and photo or book cover if you prefer – to  be considered. Thank you!


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