GUEST REVIEWER: DOTTIE | Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey -

GUEST REVIEWER: DOTTIE | Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Publisher:  Smashwords (A Stories Rule Publication)
Pages:  172 (pdf)  Words:  84249 (about 330 print pages)
Guest reviewer: Dottie 

Tinks Place

From the Cover:

Winter, a professional thief who can manipulate others’ biologies by touch, accidentally “healed” her former partner—and former vampire—Sebastian, whom she secretly loves. Her healing created a symbiot pairing between them that neither of them wants.

Nathanial, a sexy thousand-year-old vampire and Sebastian’s ex-lover, talks Sebastian and Winter into stealing evidence that will expose all vampires to the world. But Nathanial is a puppet-master who doesn’t believe in falling in love with humans, leaving Winter unsure of his real feelings for her once he seduces her, or how he feels about Sebastian, the former vampire-now-human whose life he has turned upside down once more.

But the evidence they steal is hot property. The future of all vampires is on the line and others will stop at nothing to get it, leaving Sebastian, Winter and Nathanial with no allies but each other. They must trust each other to survive. Only…can they?

My Synopsis:

Winter is a loner, she's had to be. From her time as a child growing up in war torn Serbia, until today, she has always been different, something more. As she grows older, she realizes she has a talent for, of all things, thievery. She and her partner, Sebastian, are the best. But, when a job goes bad, and Sebastian is injured, nearly killed, she heals him, including his vampirism.

Nathanial, Sebastian's love-time lover, has come to find him, but instead finds Winter is dyer need of Sebastian or at least his blood. And he fears the same is happening to Bastian, in need of something only Winter can give... but what he hasn't a clue. They set of a journey of discovery, in more ways than one, to find Bastian and save him, and to save each other.

Because Nial needs them for one last job, and it could mean all of their lives.

My Thoughts:

Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey (Teal Ceagh) is the story of what can happen to a woman with special abilities as she makes her way in the world, always on the outside looking in. Bastian has suffered the same, his love of Nial at first keeps him happy, but he can never fully accept his vampirism. This causes him to run, because he doesn't want to be on the outside looking in, but to experience the fullness of life, and that means having it all; love, life, home, and happiness. And he fears he'll never be happy as a vampire. When Winter changes him, he realizes it's his dream come true or is it? Because he realizes something else, only one woman can make him complete and only one man too. When Nial brings the three together, sparks fly between the three lovers, each filling that piece missing from one another. But, there's something Nial isn't telling his lovers, and it all has to do with the one last job he needs them to's whether or not they find success that they're all saved, and if not, they're lives might be at stake.

Blood Knot is an excellent told tale of love, lies, betrayal, longing, and realized truths. Bastian is angsty, always longing for what he doesn't have. Winter lies to herself, and everyone else in her life, trying to deny what and who she is, and almost missing out on love ready to fall into her lap. Nathanial longs for his lost lover, but finds Winter in his place, but the truths he holds might betray them all. This is an erotically told tale of three lost lovers and what happens when they find each other and accept life, such as it is. I lost a little of my heart to each of these characters, Winter for her horrible childhood, Bastian for his loneliness, and Nial for what life as forced him to become. The most dynamic character of the story is Nial, master vampire, over thousand years old, but there's still an innocence to him, even as the master lover. He's both savior and saved, but each character holds the story together in their own way. If I had one niggle with the story, it's I wanted to know why Bastian is turned, and Nial, who is his maker, and again why? Though this doesn't not detract from the story at all, and maybe these details are for the next book or at least I hope so. If you're a fan of hot urban fantasy (and I do mean oven mit HOT), pick up Blood Knot, you won't be disappointed.  If you're a lover of paranormal romances sizzling with erotic love, let this story carry you away.  If you're faint of heart, then be warned, there is graphic language interspersed throughout the story. If you find this offensive, read something tamer, but you'll be missing out. Tracy Cooper-Posey is a new author for me, but I'll be trying something else from her backlist and looking forward to the continuation of Winter, Bastian, and Nial's love story. I don't read many menages, but this one carried me away, I had trouble putting it down. I hope you give it a try, and let it carry you away too. Five stars for me.
Guest reviewer: Dottie 
Tinks Place

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GUEST REVIEWER: DOTTIE | Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey GUEST REVIEWER: DOTTIE | Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey Reviewed by Sassy Brit @ on 12:56 pm Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to review Sassy and Tracy! I had trouble letting the story go!

    Dottie :)

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review, Dottie!


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  4. Hi Dottie!
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  5. You are very welcome! Thank you, Dottie! @gymmom_027 A super job!

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  9. Ohhh I did and it sounds awesome. You are so right, perfect for me :)

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  11. Hi B! Thanks for stopping by! Blood Knot was an excellent erotic UF read! Dottie :)


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