MY MONDAY MOVIE: Share your book trailers! -

MY MONDAY MOVIE: Share your book trailers!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Since the Monday Movie went down well last week I hoped running it again today would be just as fun.  Just like last week, if you've got one to share please leave a link in comments directing us to it and we'll pop on over and pay you a visit to watch it. I'll also add your "movie" to my YouTube Channel OhSassyOne and befreind/subscribe to you, if I'm not already.

Don't forget to watch the above video on YouTube big screen as it's in good quality HD. 

What's your book trailer like? Please do leave the link below in comments so we can come and pay you a visit! 


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MY MONDAY MOVIE: Share your book trailers! MY MONDAY MOVIE: Share your book trailers! Reviewed by Sassy Brit @ on 6:30 am Rating: 5


  1. Hi Sassy,
    Here's the link to my April release, and I'm excited about this one. BTW..

  2. What fun, Ginger! Thank you so much for sharing. It's very suspenseful and certainly drew me in to wanting to find out more!

  3. Don't you just love my Monday Movie Sticker? LOL

  4. Hi Sassy!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share our book trailers. :) I so thoroughly enjoy making these. As you’ll probably be able to tell, lots of whimsy and laughter is involved in the process. :D

    This one is for my newest erotic romantic comedy, NO CHANCE IN HELL, debuting this week:

    And this video is for my erotic romantic comedy OIL SLICK, which just debuted a month ago:

    I hope you enjoy them!


  5. Ooh! Summerhouse Publishing is working to make trailers for all of our releases and we've created them for the first three...

    The Last Siren by Lizzie Lynn Lee:
    Indigo Rain by Taige Crenshaw:
    Her Dark Fairy by Ella Vines:

    Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  6. Thanks for letting us share!!

    Mine's actually a series trailer, but they're still books, lol.

    Hope everyone has a great week!!
    -Joyee Flynn

  7. tvsweeney3:53 pm

    Thanx for sharing! My trailer isn't an alternate read but it does have a shape-shifter...of sorts. Gypsy Charm was released by Class Act Books on March 15.

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to share the latest trailer in my library!
    Cynthia Arsuaga

  9. Here's another trailer from my January release.

  10. The trailer for my debut historical romance Guilty Kisses is What makes it specail is I obtained permission from Canadian singer/songwriter Lawrence Gowan to use his song "Love Makes You Believe" from his 1990 Lost Brotherhood album. PS- I hear he is touring England in June with Journey. If you don't know who Gowan is check out his site

  11. C.R. Moss7:46 pm

    Thanks for letting us share!
    This is one I did last summer:
    & this is one I did for a friend this past week:
    my you tube page is:
    C.R. Moss ~ Worlds of Possibilities ...welcome to the dark side ~

  12. ketadiablo7:51 pm

    Hi everyone! Hi Sassy!

    Here's the link to my new VIDEO for Sojourn With A Stranger. The book is releasing today and will be up on Nook and Amazon in two days!

    Video Link for Sojourn With A Stranger. Don't forget to give it up a thumbs up.


  13. miabailey11:31 pm

    Hope you like my book trailers....

    Mia Bailey, Romance Novelist

    Available from Siren Publishing

    Spicing It Up!
    Romantic Suspense

    Of Night and Desire
    Paranormal/Vampire Romance

    "Embrace Every Dream...Live Every Moment...Fulfill Every Fantasy."

  14. Here's a ling to the trailer for "His Perfect Submissive" by Alyssa Aaron at Black Velvet Seductions

    Available at Amazon, Fictionwise, Barnes & Noble, and

  15. bettylapierre1:44 am

    Hi, Sassy,
    Thought I'd add another video this week. 'THE SILENT SCREAM' a book about a deaf lad. It's a great story and you won't forget it soon.

  16. Since Easter's coming up soon-ish I'll call attention to my little lesbian "Easter Egg", The Little Burlesque House by the Sea:

  17. Thanks for playing along Daisy, they're great! LOL Loved the fig leaves and the muscles on the men ;-) very clever indeed! I didn't know you were such an artist!

    Having trouble logging into YouTube, although as you can tell i can view them - so I'll comment on your vids, add you as a friend and subscribe as soon as I can :)

  18. Janice Seagraves11:02 pm

    Hi Sassy,

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my trailer.


  19. You are very welcome, Celia! Thank you so much for participating! Do come back next week and share some more :) Great videos. I'll sub, befriend and add them to my playlists as soon as YouTube stops playing up for me lol

  20. What a great idea, Joyee :)

    Have a great week yourself and do stop by again!

    As with you all, I'll add you in various places as soon as I can . Thanks for playing :)

  21. I LOVE this Monday Movie feature lol Thanks for sharing your trailer, I actually had a cat who looked just like Tomas :) Great trailer. Do come back again. Congrats on your new release!

  22. oh how cute is Drake as "Precious" ? LOL Great video, Cynthia, thank you so much for joining in.

  23. Another fun vid, Cynthia, thank you! Nice to see the trailer behind the book cover ! :)

  24. Hi Killarney! i LOVED the music to this, you are SO lucky to have Gowan for a year it's really fitting! You lucky, lucky thing, you! ;)

  25. Some great videos, thank you so much for sharing! As soon as I can I will add your vid (and everyone above and to my playlist, friend list and subscribe!

  26. Congratulations on your new release, Keta! Great video - love the ghost! As soon as I can get into YouTube i'll be there with my thumbs up to support you! :)

  27. Intriguing trailer, Orville! Thank you so much for playing along :) I'll add you as a friend/subscribe very soon!

  28. The mountain lion has really got me curious! Looks like a great read. Thanks for playing again, Betty!

  29. Hi Giselle,

    Sorry to hear about your old webstie. I hear that happens all too often. Although, if it's any consolation your new website is fantastic! :)

    Really enjoyed your trailer, so, have to ask -- is that you talking? ;)

  30. It's a pleasure, Janice. All I can say is I'd like to be Windswept 'HE' gets stranded on my desert island :) Thank you for playing along . I'll add you (all) as soon as I can!

  31. Hi Sassy,
    Thanks for letting me share
    hehehe, just got confirmation from another major Canadian record label on another piece of music from another great Canadian 80's/90's band. Can't say who but will send you the trailer when it is final. Hum, wonder if I was a record producer in a past life? All you have to do is ask folks. (:

  32. You are very welcome. Oh exciting stuff, Killarney! ;-) Can't wait to see who...

  33. Hello! Here is the link to my book trailer for Dreaming in Darkness now available on Amazon!

    Thank you!!

  34. Hi Kids,
    watching my fast-paced peepshows, based on tongue-and-cheeky poems from my book, MEN AT WORK, will crack you's the link:

    if they do make you laugh, please send this link to your friends...if you don't guffaw, forward link to your enemies...

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    have a wondrous week


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