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WOYDW? Ginger Simpson Reveals All...

...about her desk! Honestly, you must get your minds out of the gutter! LOL 

Today I am very pleased to show off author Ginger Simpson's desk! As always click on the photo for a larger version. (Can't beat snooping in widescreen). 

My name is Ginger Simpson, and I’m an author.  I’ve always been organized because I can’t stand looking for something that’s right under my nose.  This is my desk, or should I say, my corner of the world.  I have all my print books on the shelves above me as a reminder of what I’ve accomplished in ten years.  Off to the right, you’ll see two books standing.  Those are ones I just received in the mail to review.  As weird as it seems, I do confess that since I bought a Kindle, I really frown on reading from an actual book.  I guess the smell, feel, etc., isn’t as important to me as it is to some.  Plus, we’re saving trees.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not an eco-freak…my carbon foot print looks like a Yeti left it, but I do enjoy the forests and anything we can do to preserve shade is a step in the right direction…but I digress.  If you had asked me months ago how I felt about ebooks, I would have wrinkled my nose because I detest sitting at the computer to read.  Kindle lets me take books everywhere I go and I absolutely love it.  No, this isn’t an ad for Kindle, but I guess you could say I’m one satisfied customer.

I just got that new wireless printer you see. What a deal.  Forty-nine dollars at Walmart and it’s fast and easy to use.  It’s almost cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy replacement cartridges. *smile*  Of course I have a “pencil/pen” basket and a wire organizer…both a must.

What you can’t see: my flashlight tucked in the corner,  bills in the drawer, my to-do list, and a basket where I put things to be filed.  When I worked at the University of California years ago, my co-workers always teased me about not having anything to do because my desk was always so clean.  I just can’t deal with clutter, but there are some who work better that way, so I’m not ragging on anyone.  Oh, yes, the giant desk calendar is a must.  That’s where I note blog appearances…both mine and other authors.  When I’ve posted the info or emailed it to my hostess, I use a blue marker to highlight the entry.  Keeps me on track, and trust me…at my age you do tend to forget more than you remember.

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  1. Thank you so much, for sharing your corner of the world to us all, Ginger :) Great desk!

  2. ClareLondon8:55 am

    Hi GInger! What a wonderfully organised desk (compared to mine LOL) and a lovely chance to see where you live and work. Great collection of books, too! *hugs*

  3. Hi Clare! I agree, and I absolutely love Ginger's book display. What a great idea. Very inspiring!

  4. Oh, I am so ashamed. No way am I posting a pic of my desk now.

  5. But Viv! We LOVE messy desks too LOL And anyway - as long as you are getting the work out - does it really matter? If I tidy my desk it takes me ages to find anything lol Some participants just cannot work with an empty desk as they feel it equates to an empty mind / blank page ;)

  6. Wish my workspace looked that good, but alas, I'm one who has to have clutter to feel organized...lol...so on top of my desk, you'll find some dust, bills, unopened mail because I really destest taking time to sort through junk mail, pens, speakers, outgoing mail, hair products, makeup...lol...well u get the pic. I'm always in a hurry, but never go anywhere. Ha! Ginger, please come to my house and organize me and my desk...Hugs...Tabs

  7. Wow, how neat. I don't have a desk, my lap is my desk, and I'm sure no one wants to see a picture of my lap and tilt back chair. But, it's still my corner of the world for writing with easy access to all necessary equipment beside me.
    Now I feel like a slob looking at a picture of a place so organized.
    I think I'll go pout now. *kidding.*


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