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Who's that behind you? The Sassy Sunday Story Starter is UP!

For all you authors and aspiring writers out there, here is the Sassy Sunday Story Starter, brought to you by Larriane Wills, author of The Knowing, The Looking Glass Portal and many more. 

When the hair on the back of his neck raised and a shiver went down his spine, Edward was afraid to look behind him.


Larriane Wills is a pseudonym for Larriane Barnard, also Larion and Larion Wills. She doesn't suffer from an identity crisis or multiple personalities. Instead she writes in many genres and distinguishes each by her various pen names. Her interests in reading are as varied as her genres, that interest beginning as soon as she was able to pick up a book and spreading to putting her own stories to paper.

Summary: If the horse hadn't bolted, he'd have been dead three years before, hung for a crime he never committed.

'Are you not El Primero Sabe?" Paco asked, and William shook his head. Hiding behind a full beard to cover the scars, tinted hair and skin, he denied any special abilities. Had he any, he would have known to never rob that last stage. If he survived Ollie's torture long enough, he'd hang. One woman, beautiful, cold and unforgiving, could save him if she didn't kill him herself. She'd sworn she'd see him hang, not that William blamed her after what he'd done.     

If you'd like to have your prompt featured, please email it to me! I'd love to hear from you. 

For full details of what to send, and for ideas of how writers can use these prompts please check out the SSSS guidelines by clicking here.

Check out previous prompts. Good luck and happy writing! 

May the muse be with you! 

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Who's that behind you? The Sassy Sunday Story Starter is UP! Who's that behind you? The Sassy Sunday Story Starter is UP! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 10:13 am Rating: 5


  1. Ok, got in a pickle and thought I'd already published this LOL Back in a min with correct link!

  2. *Jedi Sassy* May the muse be with you! Don't forget: check out helpful SSSS guidelines : http://bit.ly/aCTXfb

  3. Good morning, Ms Sassy Brit :)

    I played along this morning! Mine turned out a little bit on the dark, evil side...


  4. Hi Sassy!

    My flash is a bit dark, but redeeming in a way..... if redemption is the right word....


  5. Good luck all :)
    Must post here, it doesn't want me to post a comment of my own today

  6. Fantastic Amy, coming over to have a peek! Oh, dark and evil...can't wait!

  7. Sorry about that, @Blodeuedd83, I still gave ya a 'like' for commenting :) Thanks for sticking with it.

  8. LOL, @gymmom_027 as if you need to redeem yourself... :) Thanks for playing along, coming to have a look now! (SSSS)


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