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Title: The Greer Agency
Author: Harris Tobias
Date Published: March 15th 2010
ISBN: 9780984259496
Format: Paperback
Length: 174 pages
Genre: Crime/Detective fiction

Reviewer: Clayton Bye

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The Greer Agency is one man: private detective Mike Greer. He refers to himself as an ordinary guy, just one of the thousands of small businesses who struggle to make a living every day. But maybe he’s not so ordinary. When given a chance to elevate the class of clientele he serves, Greer shows a remarkable ability to intuit solutions to all kinds of problems, just by talking to people he knows (Altoona, PA is his home town, after all) or people who have some relation to the case at hand. This terrific opportunity ends with the pudgy, 40 something detective not only elevating his earning power and status, he also gets the girl and gets in shape. Now, if he could just figure out who’s trying to kill him...

Harris Tobias has written 15 detective stories about The Greer Agency. These stories are tight, smooth, inventive and a joy to read. No pretension here. No angst. What Tobias has given us is a group of characters we can relate to (even if we sometimes dislike them). And as his aging hero forays into the underbelly of a slowly dying railroad town, if we pay attention—you and I, we might just notice that the line between criminal and the everyday man or woman is awfully slim and often blurred. What I also noticed is how comfortable Mike Greer is in his own skin: he has little difficulty deciding which actions he can live with and what he just can’t stomach.

I think The Greer Agency is a damn fine book. Tobias doesn’t try to be Spenser or Spade. Nor does he write stories that one would consider literary. No, what Harris Tobias has done with The Greer Agency is show how a professional can entertain while making his craft look so, so easy.

Copyright © Clayton Clifford Bye
September 2010
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  1. Clayton says: I think The Greer Agency is a damn fine book. Check it out guys!


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