REVIEW: THE SHADOW OF THE WOLF | Sam Cross | Eternal Press -

REVIEW: THE SHADOW OF THE WOLF | Sam Cross | Eternal Press

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Genre: Thriller
Publication Date: 2010
eBook ISBN: 978-1-77065-067-1
Print ISBN: 978-1-77065-068-8
Length: 366 Pages
Format: eBook

Reviewer: Clayton Bye

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An unnamed city (maybe yours) is in the grip of a serial killer the media has dubbed The Wolf.
His victims are young, beautiful women who he takes without leaving clues and who are never seen again. He’s bold! His last victim was in a car pile-up on a main highway; The Wolf took her from her demolished vehicle without being seen. The police are at their wit’s end.

Enter professor Richard Rosenwood, a criminal psychologist who teaches at the local university. The police have asked him for any insights or clues he might turn up by going through the case files. Add in a gorgeous psychology student who is openly interested in the professor, a hooker/thief /compulsive liar who is the only person to ever survive an attack by The Wolf, a couple of sharp detectives and a killer who’s way of disposing of bodies is so horrendous as to be unimaginable and you’ve got yourself an interesting book in the making.

In The Shadow of The Wolf is full of interesting characters and many plot twists, but it is also well thought out and written. There’s so much going on, I keep wanting to tel you more. But that would spoil the book for you. Here are a few hint’s to guide you: the professor’s lectures are about real-life serial killers; The Wolf is an appropriate name for the serial killer for several interesting reasons; but most of all, pay close attention to the title of this book and what it might mean (or the number of meanings it may have).

Sam Cross is a pen name for an author with many novels under his belt, and it shows: not a misspelled word, his sentences constantly push you forward—there are no slow spots here; and while I had the story figured out by the time I was a third of a way through the novel, it turns out I was wrong, then wrong again, then wrong again... You see where I’m going with this?

The Shadow of The Wolf is a somewhat unusual, character driven thriller I thoroughly enjoyed. It was time well spent.

Copyright © Clayton Clifford Bye

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REVIEW: THE SHADOW OF THE WOLF | Sam Cross | Eternal Press REVIEW: THE SHADOW OF THE WOLF | Sam Cross | Eternal Press Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 4:51 pm Rating: 5

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