REVIEW: Beginning | Second Book of the Laurian Pentology | Danny Birt -

REVIEW: Beginning | Second Book of the Laurian Pentology | Danny Birt

Title: Beginning Second Book of the Laurian Pentology
Author: Danny Birt
Website of Publisher
Genre: Fantasy
Publication date: 2009
ISBN -13: 9780982135259
Length: 270 pages
Format: Paperback / eBook
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Alaris, the archmage that helped Eiry, Claren and their children in Book 1: Ending an Ending, is on his way to Pinnacle. Claren, following Alaris's command, is on his way to free Lady Kel. Eiry, also following Alaris's command, is on her way somewhere. All she knows is she is searching for her children and is supposed to meet up with Alaris sooner or later.

Naturally, many forces which include several Seren, servants of the Gods, seem to be everywhere. Some actually arrive on scene to help Claren's group and Eiry's group while others seem to be causing obstacles to the parties' quests. The questions are: Will Claren and Eiry finally get together with Alaris by the end of the book? Will Eiry find her children?

I love Ending an Ending. Full of fantasies, magic, and all the wee folk plus lots of surprises, Ending and Ending whetted my appetite for more. Well, more came in the guise of the Second Book of the Laurian Pentology called Beginning. What can I say more than 'the adventures continue'? Danny Birt included a few pieces of information about vampires that I haven't heard before and which may or may not have been created by him. Fancy knowing a vampire with enough self-control as not to drain your blood at the first opportunity! Danny Birt has satisfied my sense of adventure with this second book, but only for a short time. I can hardly wait for the upcoming Third Book Beginning an Ending. Check out his website to learn more about all the books of the Laurian Pentology.

Author Bio:
Danny Birt was born about three decades ago in Washington State to Irish and Californian parents, and since then he has lived in Idaho, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Hawaii, Virginia, and North Carolina.

He has several college degrees and has worked as author and editor in science fiction, fantasy, and professional publications such as The Raintown Review, Strange Worlds of Lunacy, Flashing Swords Magazine, and Musica Ficta.

In addition to literary publication, Danny composes classical and filk music, such as his nonstop hour-long piano solo "Narcoleptic Pianist," and the ever-peculiar album "Warped Children's Songs."

Danny has now settled in Winston-Salem, NC, where he employs his talents as a music therapist at Forsyth Medical Center. In his spare time, Danny's hobby is finding new hobbies.
REVIEW: Beginning | Second Book of the Laurian Pentology | Danny Birt REVIEW: Beginning | Second Book of the Laurian Pentology | Danny Birt Reviewed by Lucille on 5:31 am Rating: 5

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