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I'm not winding you up - this is real!,

For those of you who like the bizarre mixed with a wee bit of naughtiness, this funny set will intrigue and amuse, I'm sure.

You get one pretty pink magnetic egg and two windup, clockwork powered racing sperm, and at 6cm's long each they are much bigger than the average sperm. :) It's no wonder she has a coy smile on her face!

This would make the perfect silly, but saucy pressie for any occasion. Particularly for that woman at the office who has just announced she's pregnant, and I suspect couples trying for a baby would also find this amusing. I'm neither of those, by the way, I bought this simply because I'm a big kid, and for the novelty value. I find they make nifty desk toys and cause quite a stir among friends, especially at parties. Childish? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely!

Angelika Devlyn

PRODUCT REVIEW: Racing Sperm PRODUCT REVIEW: Racing Sperm Reviewed by Angelika Devlyn on 11:59 pm Rating: 5


  1. ...weird..but so cute :D

  2. Just
    came and read, this is wow! I was seek from many blogs, but here is the best,
    I love it.


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