WINTER WARMUP: We're still in the mood for love here! -

WINTER WARMUP: We're still in the mood for love here!

Here is a romantic  excerpt from Ring of Desire.  The first time Vala consciously meets Giles.  This was probably my most favourite scene to write.  Never mind probably, it was.  I love the dance of desire that is never quite requited and the desire that builds as a result of that.

Ryshia Kennie
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The trees parted. Giles was not a religious man. He had no time for the foolish spouting of the local priests, conniving self important fools like the one he had just banished from the village.  He did not believe in apparitions or visions, religious or otherwise. Yet the creature that emerged from the forest in a silken wrap of gossamer could only be a vision.

Saints, but this was the holy lady herself, he thought. 

White blond hair gleamed and wrapped a mystical robe around her slender figure. Elegant legs, bare legs, his mouth dried. The shift she wore was sheer enough to have been made by the angels.  A warm glow of unreality filled the clearing. 

His search for Vala was forgotten as he gazed on this magical, yet very earthy creature. He moved slowly so as not to frighten her.  For surely something so fey would disappear as quickly as she’d appeared. Her gauzy covering shimmered in the dim glow of the forest light. It fluttered and twisted as if in the wake of a gentle breeze. He knew instinctively that her limbs shook.

Why was she here in the forest in a sheer tunic made to seduce?  If not to be seduced, what else? It was a simple garment, and he knew there was naught else beneath. For he could see the outline of her breasts and the rise of her nipples as the sheer film of material sculpted them. As if she knew his thoughts, she crossed her arms protectively across her chest.

He reached out to her. She looked up with eyes rich with secrets. Small white teeth pearled over her bottom lip and a warm blush colored her high cheekbones. He brushed a tendril of velvet soft hair from her face. A creature of the forest that was causing an unsought earthly reaction and all he could think of was release. He pulled her to him.

A breeze lifted the leaves that had crumbled beneath his feet.  Small broken pieces danced around them. That same breeze molded the filmy garment to her body. His hand skimmed her ribs.  He felt her heart beat wildly beneath his hand. Felt the warmth of her body and the fragileness of her frame. She raised her lips to him, an offering he couldn’t refuse. They were sweet with the scent of lavender as they moved softly, seductively against his. He pulled her tighter and his hand lightly grazed her breast. The sigh that escaped her urged him to possess her further. His tongue toyed with hers. Blood pounded in his ears.

It had been so long, too long. Heat pulsed, heated until it burned unbearably. The heat took flight as his mind awoke—the stone!

He let her go.

She looked at him with an awareness that startled him. It was as if she knew everything about him… Impossible!

“Who are you?” He immediately regretted the harsh bite of his words.

The vision was slipping away from him, leaving his arms empty.  For a brief moment she paused, looked back at him with jaded wisdom in her dark blue eyes then darted into the depths of the forest.

Giles dragged in air and gulped it back. His breath came fast and rough. What had happened? Never had he had such a reaction. Never had the stone reacted for no reason, and he could see none.  There was no premonition, nothing. True, he had never toyed with a creature of the forest. A fairy.


He did not believe much in fairies even though the stone continued to pulse uncomfortably warm against his thigh.

Ryshia Kennie
Want more?  It’s not just a love story and I’ll prove it at:
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