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97. An Alternative LINK: New belief? ~ Holism

Open-minded ~ Open-hearted.
A new approach to spirituality. When asked your beliefs, you could answer 'Holistic'.

Across the world today there is a growing movement towards a new open-minded and open-hearted spirituality that values the essence of all the world's spiritual traditions, but does not belong to a single faith. It encourages us all freely to experience and explore the wonder and meaning of existence. It supports our life-long learning and it inspires us to care for the whole community of life.

It is already used in many everyday situations, such as healthcare, education, government and management. It means that all life is interconnected and that thiNgs can only be fully understood when we see the whole of which they are a part.

Our world needs to know that there is a spirituality that welcomes diversity, heals conflict and inspires responsible development.

Towards the UK Census 2011.

What do you think? Could this be the answer you are looking for?
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