REVIEW: Going Against Orders, Men In Love 5 by Carol Lynne from Ellora's Cave -

REVIEW: Going Against Orders, Men In Love 5 by Carol Lynne from Ellora's Cave

Title: Going Against Orders, Men In Love 5
Author: Carol Lynne
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Menage a trois or more / Gay / Contemporary
Rating: E-rotic
Publication date: December 2007
ISBN: 9781419910463
Length: Novel
Format: e-book

Nicco finally makes a stand. All of the other men he served with have found love in unusual ways. In the first book Branded by Gold, Jake and Cree finally found Jenny and committed to a ménage marriage. In Ben's Wildeflower lonely Ben finally found Kate to give his love to.Gabe buys Jake and Jenny's old farm and falls immediately for the foreman Rex, and together they open their hearts to Boone and become a committed male trio in the book Open to Possibilities. Remmy finally gets Cory, in Completing the Circle to say yes, but once they are married and spending time with Jake, Cree and Jenny they find that the five of them are much more complete and they all commit to each other. Now we really want to hear about Mac and Nicco since everyone knows they have been in love for a long time.

Nicco has never acted on his love for Mac. At one point he knew Mac had had other lovers including Amir, who was now working with them in the security company. Seeing all of his other buddies find happiness and finally realizing he could never truly get his father's love he decides to make Mac his.

Mac had loved Nicco since they were growing up together. Nicco was his sweet heart, but thinking all was lost he joined the Marines and fell in love with Amir. Their fairly short affair ended when Amir saved his life on the battle-field. Mac's near death experience made him decide that even though he loved Amir, if he could not have Nicco he would be alone.

As Nicco finally accepts his love for Mac, Amir watches from the sidelines longing for even a little of Mac's affection. Will Nicco be able to share after waiting so long to act on his love for Mac?

All the ex Seal's are prominent in this book and it is wonderful to see them all growing together as friends as new and different changes occur in their lives. The passion and intimacy between these lovers and friends is always well written and captivating. It is easy for this reader to become involved in their lives and laugh and cry with them. This books signals the end of the series as all have finally found love. But I myself would love to hear more. They are still
finding themselves, babies are on the way, they are starting new business ventures, surly there is more to read. Carol, please keep writing about their life adventures, for all of us who love your Men In Love.

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REVIEW: Going Against Orders, Men In Love 5 by Carol Lynne from Ellora's Cave REVIEW: Going Against Orders, Men In Love 5 by Carol Lynne from Ellora's Cave Reviewed by Aris on 6:27 am Rating: 5

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