Vote For Where The Rain Is Made - NOVEMBER 20th! -

Vote For Where The Rain Is Made - NOVEMBER 20th!

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“Bookie Awards.” Vote for WHERE THE RAIN IS MADE by Keta Diablo

”If you love romance and Native American mysticism, legend and lore, this book is for you.” Paranormal Romance Reviews – 5 Stars

”Through the lives of these three people, Ms. Diablo spins a vivid account of how grueling and sometimes brutal the life of a Dog Soldier could be. I loved how she wove the rituals and beliefs of the Cheyenne people throughout the tale as if you were there seeing it first hand. This is a historical romance sure to magically sweep you back in time. A must read!” Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

”Ms. Diablo , paranormal is sometimes so unrealistic on paper, kudo's for capturing that completely mystical moment of Ehan's transformation from man to raven & vise-versa.....not once did it distract me.” Amazon reviewer, 5 Stars

”What a wonderfully written historical. The amazing attention to detail really made the story POP! Filled to the brim with heart stopping characters, a riveting plot and a love that spans time, this one will remain on my shelf for years to come and be revisited often.” Seriously Reviewed, 5 Stars

”I had a hard time putting down this compelling read. Diablo seamlessly wove Cheyenne Dog Soldier legend and history with time travel, creating a unique dual setting. The chemistry between Cesca and Ethan sizzled on the page. I'd never before heard of the Dog Soldiers, but loved how Diablo included those details to educate as well as entertain. Great cast of characters, too. I'm crossing my fingers for a sequel! C.A. Masterson,” Amazon reviewer, 5 Stars

”I highly recommend this very unique and special book to all book lovers. It's complex, with so many layers. Meko was an honorable man, patient to a fault with his wild-cat of a mate. Cesca was torn from day one, hated the violence around her, but knew she would always love her dark warrior.  A compelling read” Happily-Ever-After Reviews. 5 Stars

"Where The Rain Is Made by Keta Diablo is an intense, sensual, compelling, adventurous story that will have you biting your nails while sitting on the edge of your seat begging for more with the turn of every page.” Recommended Read, Black Raven Erotic Cafe, 5 Stars!

Visit Keta's Erotic Romance Blog to learn more about her books:
Vote For Where The Rain Is Made - NOVEMBER 20th! Vote For Where The Rain Is Made - NOVEMBER 20th! Reviewed by Keta Diablo on 2:38 am Rating: 5

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