REVIEW: Perfect Score | Susan Roebuck | Awe-Struck Publishing -

REVIEW: Perfect Score | Susan Roebuck | Awe-Struck Publishing

Title: Perfect Score
Author: Susan Roebuck
Publisher: Awe-Struck Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-58749-166-5
Genre: m-m (light), Romance
Reviewer: Sassy Brit

Alex Finch is the posh kid, who on the surface doesn't want for anything. That he meets and is intrigued by a dyslexic rough boy Sam Barrowdale, only confirms the old adage that opposites attract. Unfortunately, since the death of his father Alex is being raised by his rich uncle Tim and life at home is not what one would expect. Alex is destined to run the family business when he is older. What he really wants to do is be a musician, at which he excels. However, nothing he does is ever good enough for his uncle Tim.

Sam, on the other hand,  takes each day as it comes. He works on a ranch where he discovers a passion and talent for caring for animals; a far cry from his early delinquent days. Life is tough, yet his only concern is for his sister Amy. As long as he can keep up the payments Amy is in safe hands. Or so he thinks.

When the animals start to fall ill, rumours of chemicals in the creek water are swimming around the locals. Working undercover for investigative journalist Sol Arkwright as a reporter down in the mines, it soon becomes clear to Sam much more is going on than it would at first appear. Someone is playing a dangerous game with the local community, and the main culprit is a greedy major shareholder of a mining consortium; the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and uncle/legal guardian to Alex.

Written from the point of view of both characters, Alex and Sam, Perfect Score starts off with what seems to be a gentle romance and ends with an intriguing and unexpected conclusion. The author's understanding of the time period, the 1960s, seemed second to none, and well written, yet I found my interest waned a little midway until I got to the meat of the action, and from then on couldn't put the book down as it hurtled to its conclusion.

Perfect Score is based in the swinging sixties where two boys, Alex and Sam, met as teenagers, and over the course of time their lives intertwined until they became best friends and lovers. But is love enough to keep them together when family histories are put under scrutiny, and hidden secrets are exposed? Being gay lovers during the sixties is hard enough, but what will people do to protect their own? Too much, sometimes.

November 2010
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REVIEW: Perfect Score | Susan Roebuck | Awe-Struck Publishing REVIEW: Perfect Score | Susan Roebuck | Awe-Struck Publishing Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 6:41 am Rating: 5

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  1. Thank you Sassy, you're a great reviewer.


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