Earth Enchanted | Elemental Magic Book 1 | Brynna Curry | Lyrical Press, Inc.

Title: Earth Enchanted | Elemental Magic Book 1
Author: Brynna Curry
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Genre: Paranormal/Romance
Publication Date: December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-61650-098-6
Length: Novel
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Liv Corrigan- writer, Irish to the bone, stubborn and distressing to most men she dates;telepathic. Keeping that talent hidden from widower, Jack Roarke, he seems like he would be a good date. He is until suddenly they find they are the target of the maniac who killed his wife. Not good.

There's something about Liv that simply pulls Jack right along like a love-sick loon whether he wants to go or not. But getting injured, a killer to find and his own heart to fight, his time is anything but his own. Even the safe house isn't so safe.

This one was interesting in that it had a few twists that simply made for some intriguing reading. I liked that instead of it being full of lots of nearly impossible sex and guys that only happen in tall tales (leaving out my shape shifters, etc) it created a tale of viability, credibility and realism. I did enjoy this one and must try some more from this writer.


  1. Sounds good, and I do like that cover

  2. Hi, thanks for the lovely review! The next book in the series, TO TAKE UP THE SWORD is releasing September 6, 2010. For more on the series including excerpts, cover debuts and fun facts you may visit my website,but I noticed you didn't have address.
    It's I'd love to see you there.
    Be blessed,
    Brynna Curry


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