For Sale: baby shoes never worn -

For Sale: baby shoes never worn

By Amy Romine Affiliate Author 

Hemingway was asked to describe his life’s work in six words and this was his response. This to me is an interesting challenge. My arch nemesis is the blurb, as it is for most writers. I know I struggle with it on every book. How do I shorten a piece that I worked on for the past six months into less than 100 words, much less only six!

So I am taking the challenge, and I asking you to as well.

Describe your life so far in six words.
Describe at least one of your books in six words.

The best answer wins a copy of my new book, Shockwave!

Here are my three answers:

Petrified emotion brings remorseful imagination

Trust Me - One Night, One Plot, One Love
Shockwave – Temperance shifts our sights toward home

Let the brilliance begin!


APRIL 2011
Author in the Spotlight
Tracy Cooper-Posey
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Thank you Kiki Howell for being our guest last month!

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  1. Fantastic idea, Amy!

  2. My life - a catologue of error and misadventure
    My books:
    Written in Stone - Love is more than the Physical
    Fragile Dreams - Everyone deserves a chance at life.

  3. Can we`win book 2 instead? I already have Shockwave and I am chomping at the bit for...Backlash!!! May 1st just will not here fast enough!!

  4. My Life - survival and change through imprisoned freedom
    Writing three projects...
    First - Yearnings of a Chimera - Sensual stories and poetry of emotion and imagery
    Second - Island Journey - Autobiography on an Island womans journey through cultural, polictical, religious and family constraints.
    Third - Interpretations from an Amateur - Internet interpretations of analysis questions

  5. My life:
    Lived, loved, retired but not tired.

    My book, Treachery:
    Deceiving the man, betraying the woman

  6. LOL Love your 'life' ;-) too funny! Your books now have some great tag lines.

  7. Love to see a fan chomping at the bit for more of an authors work! :)

  8. Thank you, Lluvia! I'm so intrigued now :)

  9. I agree, it's a great idea! Thanks for popping along and playing :) It's amazing what we can get from just #6words !

  10. Awesome, it is going to be difficult to pick!!


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