ASK THE AUTHOR: What's on YOUR Desk Wednesdays? -

ASK THE AUTHOR: What's on YOUR Desk Wednesdays?

Today we ask author, Diana Rubino to tell us a little bit about herself and her workspace.

What’s On My Desk (and general workspace)
The permanent staples are: to my monitor’s left: the outline to my current book at my left. To my monitor’s right: small blank papers for note-scribbling and the scanner with my address book on it. In front of me is my purple felt-tip pen and small mirror. My bank passwords are stuck to the monitor with Post-Its. 

On my filing cabinet to my left are a pile of pages I Xeroxed from various books that pertain to my current book, and a picture of Alexander Hamilton, the subject of my last book. On my left wall next to my bookcase (stuffed with writing books), is a Liberty Bell mousepad I bought in Philadelphia (which is too small to actually use as a mousepad) and a picture of Aaron Burr, our 3rd Vice President, the subject of my current book. I glance at Aaron when I’m writing from time to time, and give him a smile. To my keyboard’s right, the mouse sits on a NY Mets mousepad. Before me, on the wall, is a clock and a wall calendar, and directly in front of my monitor is the window that faces northwest. Mountains lie in the distance, but now the view is blocked by the overgrowth of trees and shrubs. Once in a while, a deer or even a moose will trot by, along with wild turkeys, skunks, and an assortment of critters, including my cats. Behind me is a chair piled with some history books and more Xeroxed pages.

I’m writing and researching at the same time, and as I write, I refer to all these notes, pages and books where I’ve marked the subject matter I need—for instance, 18th century clothes, taverns, meals, street names, what New York looked like, etc. I write 2500 words a day, and I shoot for a 90-100,000 word length. I’m now at 59,000, which means 14 more writing sessions till it’s done. THEN comes the endless rewrite and revision. I don’t write full-time; I own an engineering business with my husband, so not every day is devoted to writing. But the computer lets me switch gears easily.
Not sure if all this is feng-shui, but it works for me!

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Diana is the author of 18 historical and paranormal novels. Her publishers are and Moongypsy Press where she is also Acquisitions Editor.
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