ANGELIKA DEVLYN'S 13 Cool Things About My Book's Heroine, Ronnie Weaver (Fantasy erotica)

13 Cool Things About My Book's Heroine, Ronnie Weaver
(Fantasy erotica)

1. Unbeknown to Ronnie, someone is following her every move and has been since the day she was born because she is a Child of Destiny.

2. Ronnie crashed her car driving too fast trying to escape from someone she saw in the rear-view mirror.

3. She thinks she lost her memory because of the car crash, but it has in fact been wip
ed by her Destaurian Guard, Prometheus (Theo for short) to make his job of protecting her easier.

4. To stop her dying from her serious injuries, Theo whisks Ronnie to Black Ice Training Ground, in Destauria -- The Dark Kingdom, to fix her up.

5. Ronnie's transportation to Destauria was completed before she had been properly prepared on Earth (The Otherworld) which leads to problems with her behaviour Theo did not anticipate.

6. Ro
nnie is meant to have a DNA that specifically ensures she obeys her Destaurian Guard at all times, willingly and with an open heart.

7. In reality, despite her true calling as a Child of Destiny, Ronnie does not take kindly to being bossed about and is not scared of saying exactly what she thinks.

8. Until her training is complete, Ronnie is not allowed to leave Black Ice or be clothed, unless her training requires it.

9. Every day she trains in The Killing House.

10. During her first day of training in The Killing House,
Ronnie learned to draw, hold and fire a pistol quickly and accurately while stun grenades were being thrown around.

11. Straight after, Ronnie is sent to the Temple of
Sexual Extra-Curricular Xtasy for her first shot at SEX training, in which she is horrified she will have to please whichever Destaurian Guard walks through the door!

12. She has to learn the rules of Whip and C*k training, only when pain and pleasure are one, and accepted as such, could a Child of Destiny know their true worth.

13. In her new role as a Child of Destiny, Ronnie must live and die by the SWORD. Ser
vitude. Worship. Obedience. Respect. Defend.

About the Author

British born Angelika Devlyn, as her pseudonym suggests, is half a shy, angelic soul, and half a naughty little devil. Her good side writes reviews and her devilish alter ego writes her own hot, sexy books. This is her debut book which was released on 23rd June 2010. The little imp is currently working on new volumes in The Dark Kingdom Chronicles series.

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  1. I'm not into fantasy, but those are some cool things about your character. Good luck with your book, and thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

  2. Great idea to get to know your heroine. The color is pretty intense lol
    I wish you many sales.
    "Happy T13!

  3. Thanks Sheri! Your blog is fun - I'll be back :)

  4. LOL Yes, it is - that's me by the way - but I do have to admit to turning up the colour a little for the photo. :) Like to stand out. Thanks for dropping by!


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