REVIEW: Voices from the Dark| Gary William Crawford | Dark Regions Press -

REVIEW: Voices from the Dark| Gary William Crawford | Dark Regions Press

Voices from the Dark
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Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-888993-75-2
Format: Trade Paperback
Length: 97 pages
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Dark Regions Press

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Reviewer: Clayton Bye

Gary William Crawford is a poet, a Bram Stoker nominated poet no less. So one would expect his work to be of high quality and dark in nature. It’s both.

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion: when you’re ready to read Voices From The Dark, make certain your back is up against a wall, get a good grip on reality and turn on every light in the house. Crawford isn’t just dark, he’s downright scary.

The first poet I’ve read to make such a personal attempt to rip away the veil between life and death, heaven and hell, good and evil, sanity and insanity, and dreams and reality, Crawford amazes by doing it all in one 97 page book.

I’m a fan of poetic prose disguised as verse but have always given a nod to the fundamentalists by working with meter or even an occasional rhyming poem. You’ll find no such thing in Voices From The Dark. Full sentences thrown, seemingly, into random lines of verse take us places we might never go alone. But it’s the descriptiveness, the startling and sometimes paradoxical phrases with which Crawford uses to create sentences and verses, that paint upon the mind. There’s no doubt this is poetry, and I want to go back for more.

Such is the power of Gary Williams Crawford. I rarely get through a modern book of poetry, usually tossing it aside in boredom long before the final page is turned. I never go back for rereads. That little enjoyment is saved for old favourites like Frost and a few of those who came before him. Voices From The Dark has just been added to that small list. It’s the highest praise I can offer.

Copyright © Clayton Clifford Bye

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REVIEW: Voices from the Dark| Gary William Crawford | Dark Regions Press REVIEW: Voices from the Dark| Gary William Crawford | Dark Regions Press Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 3:00 pm Rating: 5


  1. Poetic prose, can't say I haev read anything like that before.

  2. A fun read, unusual yes. Love the cover!

    *Waves* Hi, Blodeuedd! Thanks for popping by :)


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