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WORDLESS WED | What's on YOUR Desk Wednesday?

Sent in by Carol Gambill
Author of Serranto's Redemption and Once Wild
What a beautiful view!

Sorry, but as usual I can't resist talking...

Carol mentioned that she is truly blessed for her awesome workspace. What writer would she be if there wasn't coffee in that cup.  If you look in the background you may see a Sandhill Crane....So does she actually work? She reassures me that she does, but I somehow believe differently. By the way, she said to ignore the screwdriver; although it does tend to make her look like she works.


Thanks, Carol! 
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WitchGiggles loved it! 

Carol Gambill
Author of the 'Breaking Out Series'
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  1. nive picture. What a wonderful "office"! Here's my Wordless Wednesday

  2. Wonderful view..super lovely!! Gorgeous! Have a sparkly day!

  3. what a great view! not sure i would get anythign done - lol!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful office and view!

  5. What a fabulous view!

  6. What a beautiful view from your desk.

  7. What an amazing view!! I'd sit there all day :)

    Happy WW!

  8. Thank you all so much! Just remember, each of us have that special 'desk' space. Most times, it is in the eye of the beholder so we just have to look a little harder outside our self-made box and appreciate the grandeur where creativity abounds. :)


  9. That is definitely a wonderful office.

    I have a link to what my office looks like today. Kind of messy!


  10. Great space, Laurel-Rain Snow. I'm seeing a lot of love there!
    By the way, Sassy; thanks for the opportunity on Alternative-Read.com

  11. Wow,what a nice office space. I'm not taking a pic of my desk, because a bottle of Pepsi Max and a box of Toffifay wouldn't be very interesting. On second thought, Candy and Diet soda may make a nice desk shot once I remove the papers that are haphazardly scattered about. Anyway, happy WW!

  12. Cakeblast,
    Go ahead and take a pic of your desk. We would love to see it. Everyone has got their distinct habits/oddities that help us through the day. What is life, if we can't have them...

  13. You are very welcome, Carol,

    Thank you for sharing your desk with us!

  14. Wow what a beautiful view! I'd take that over my view of the wall any day! :)


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