NEW PULP PRESS: A Choice of Nightmares -

NEW PULP PRESS: A Choice of Nightmares

New Pulp Press presents
A Choice of Nightmares
by Lynn Kostoff
ISBN: 978-0-9815579-5-3
Robert Staples is on the verge of finally making it as a second-rate actor when his agent asks him to deliver a package. Staples promptly loses the package, forcing him into the heart of a bloody and highly lucrative drug-running operation. Pulled in all directions by desperate men, sociopaths, and a sexually alluring woman, Robert soon finds himself embracing the explosive lifestyle. Fast-moving and sharply written, A Choice of Nightmares is a modern-day roman noir about drugs and money, and the passions they ignite.
Raves for A Choice of Nightmares
"Lynn Kostoff is that rarest breed of stylist who can, in a minimum space, evoke a whole world. He's earned comparisons to Elmore Leonard, and while they are in some ways apt, his work is all his own, and he brings a lyricism that Leonard generally eschews." -- Marcus Sakey, author of The Blade Itself

"A Choice of Nightmares is noir at its lurid best. Drawn in by the novel's evocative prose and lushly rendered world, you feel the same tug its protagonist Robert Staples feels, and are just as helpless to stop yourself." -- Megan Abbott, author of Bury Me Deep

"Kostoff is clearly one of the unsung heroes of modern crime fiction. A Choice of Nightmares is a page-turning adventure from a novelist with a style the rest of us can only wish for. New Pulp Press has made a great choice in bringing back this Kostoff original." -- Charlie Stella, author of Cheapskates

"Robert Staples starts off in a Carl Hiassen novel and ends up in a Jim Thompson story in this dazzling, unputdownable South Florida thriller. Every time you--and Robert--think he's hit bottom, the floor falls out from under him and he finds a new circle of hell. Perfect. I love this book." -- Sara Gran, author of Dope

About the author
Lynn Kostoff is a professor of English at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina. He has also taught at the University of Alabama, Indiana State University, and Bowling Green State University in Ohio where he received his MFA in fiction. He is the author of three crime novels, A Choice of Nightmares, The Long Fall, and Late Rain (due out this year from Tyrus Books)
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