REVIEW: The Voice of Many Waters| John B. Rosenman | Blue Leaf Publications -

REVIEW: The Voice of Many Waters| John B. Rosenman | Blue Leaf Publications

Title: The Voice of Many Waters
Author: John B. Rosenman
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Genre: Science Fiction
Publication date: Oct 2009
ISBN -13: N/A
Length: 46 pages/11,500 words
Format: eBook

Reviewer: Clayton Bye

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Father Peter, the namesake of Christ’s original fisher of souls, has been bringing the words of the Messiah so deep into the cosmos, and for so long, that a thousand years have passed on Earth. Never in all that time has Peter found a race so immune to the concepts he preaches as the natives of Duran, a people known as the Humana. They are a beautiful, perfect race of mild emotions and manners. No war. No vices. No religion.

In a moment of enlightenment (or wishful thinking) the priest decides to support efforts to bring a SoulSinger (think of a giant praying mantis with lots of claws) to Duran to perform for the Humana. Legend says the creature can use his music to reach the deepest parts of the soul and release what is found there. If this is true, then Father Peter knows he’ll finally get his chance to religiously attend to the mild and beautiful race. You see, he knows their history; he knows they were once an emotional and warring people. If the SoulSinger can reach that core of emotion, Peter believes his religion will as well.

But Father Peter is naive. He doesn’t stop to think that Xanthu, the SoulSinger, might have an agenda. Nor does he remember a lesson all children know well: once you take something out of its container, it may prove to be impossible to put back.

What happens when the people of Duran hear the SoulSinger play his music is a terrible yet interesting commentary about influencing other cultures. But most of all, I believe John B. Rosenman’s The Voice of Many Waters is a powerful metaphor for the good and evil which may be loosed or dredged up from the depths of all those who have souls. These many waters have been the target (for thousands of years) of Evangelists who understand what roils beneath these surfaces. And we all know the terrible things that have been done in the name of religion. What would happen if an alien with the ability to access and manipulate what lies in those depths decided to put on the mantle of the Messiah, to become the voice of the one true God?

As The Voice of Many Waters is a novelette you can easily read in one sitting, why don’t you answer that question for yourself? John Rosenman is a talented and experienced writer who always entertains—even when he has something important to say.

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REVIEW: The Voice of Many Waters| John B. Rosenman | Blue Leaf Publications REVIEW: The Voice of Many Waters| John B. Rosenman | Blue Leaf Publications Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 4:27 pm Rating: 5


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