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Interacting with Readers | Brita Addams

Interacting with Readers

Writing is a very solitary pursuit. I sit in my living room, with no TV or radio. I do have a puppy, who loves to chase the two older (much older) male cats, but for the most part, I'm alone, my husband and daughter understand the need for the time I spend writing.

When I first started writing, seriously that is, I was so focused on the stories that populated my mind, that I never saw much past the finish of the next chapter. Readers were a distant consideration; those hoped-for entities that I really had no idea how to reach. 

To reach a single reader, one must get their book published and that is just the beginning. I had no idea about promotion, attracting the attention of that one reader who would like my book. The book I agonized over in the middle of the night, fretted over at three in the morning, when my muse woke me with a most brilliant twist in plot.

The book comes out and low and behold, a copy sells! A reader has spent their hard earned money on something I wrote. Wow! Will they like it? A week later, I get an e-mail. I could only imagine and I convinced myself, that it was from that one reader. She raved about Serenity's Dream and boy, did that feel good. She wasn't my sister or my friend – she was a stranger. 

Now, that the Sapphire Club series is out and many people have read the three books. I get e-mails from people all the time and interact with people on Facebook and Twitter. Never did I see myself being so active on the social networks, but folks contact me and make the interaction a great deal of fun. 

To say that readers are extremely important to an author is a profound understatement. They are an author's lifeblood. I love my readers, the ladies (haven't heard from any men - yet!) who read my stories and wish to have more. 

I got a Facebook message a few days before my first release under my real name, Tina Ordone. She wants to read Her Timeless Obsession because she loved the Sapphire Club series so much. I can't possibly tell you how wonderful that feels – someone wants to read my book simply because I wrote it. Little old me. Amazing!

I love getting e-mails from readers, comments on my blog or on Facebook. It's wonderful to know there are those out there who like what I do and aren't afraid to tell me so. I love that. 

In the spirit of interacting with my readers, today (October 2), I've scheduled a chat for 3pm eastern time, where anyone who wishes to, can come to my site, and chat with me and my real personage, Tina, about our books or whatever might be on your minds. It's a live chat, made simple by the installation of a chat room on the site. Here's all you have to do:

1.      Go to
2.      Look on the left side-bar and click, Brita's Chat Room
3.      Click on "CHAT HERE"
4.      Sign in with a unique nickname to be used during the chat(don't use the string of gobble-de-gook that is there already)
5.      Click Connect.

I'll be there waiting at 3 eastern (New York) and can't wait to meet you. Bring your questions.
Hope to see you there and until then,
Luv ya,
Brita (and Tina)  
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