Ask the (British Impressionist) Author: Pip, pip…cheerio! (WOYDW) -

Ask the (British Impressionist) Author: Pip, pip…cheerio! (WOYDW)

This week I am pleased to welcome author, 
Lynn Hones
Click image for close up and a jolly good nose around. Awww! Cute!

Why don’t you light a few candles, close all the blinds and pray for a good storm with masses of rumbling thunder. Next, prepare a cup of hot tea with lemon and drink it out of a chipped, antique cup while snuggled into a worn-out quilt. Now choose a paranormal romance novel, throw in a little imagination and a ghost or two and you’re ready for an evening with Lynn Hones.

Are you cozy yet? If not, maybe you need to add one enormous Old English Sheepdog, two curious cats, two mischievous little girls and a handsome husband. Mix them all together in a creaky and dreadfully drafty old home in Cleveland Ohio and you have the recipe of my life. Not perfect by any means, but filled with good old-fashioned down home eats and ghostly treats. Come on, let’s go have some fun together. Shh. Did you hear that? What was it…

My life as an author, thus far, has been a learning experience. Although I took writing classes in college, I’m basically self-taught in this fast growing and very exciting world of ebooks.

With a family to raise and a hubby to love, and animals out the wazoo, life is never boring. I don’t have enough hours in my day to do all I want, but the hours I do have I try to enjoy, even when I’m pulling my hair out by the roots. Of course, what woman now a days, whether single or married, with children or without, isn’t pulling her hair out. Like I tell my friends, 

“We women need to stick together and support each other, because Lord knows there’s always someone or something waiting to knock us down.”

I love the name of this site, because my great grandfather came from Wales, and I’ve always been proud of my British roots. Pip, pip…cheerio. LOL

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 Lynn Hones
Those Who Wait
The Cult of Light and Lies

September 2010
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  1. Thanks for visiting us and playing along, Lynn!


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