MARION WEBB-DE SISTO: Author in the Spotlight Wrap Up! -

MARION WEBB-DE SISTO: Author in the Spotlight Wrap Up!

Since our time with Marion Webb-De Sisto, our Author in the Spotlight, is drawing to a close - to make way for our next featured monthly guest - I'd like to share with you a few questions and other bits of information not seen before, that I've gathered over the course of this month, during Marion's stay with us: 

Sassy: Hi, Marion! I'd love to hear about how you started writing. Is there a story behind that?

Marion: I always loved to read from an early age and created stories in my head. When I was 14 {many moons ago} I changed my intention of becoming a teacher to wanting to be a journalist. However, my mother and head teacher thought I was mad and managed to talk me out of it. Then in adulthood, full time work and, eventually, marriage and motherhood side-lined my wish to write, but I promised myself I would do so once I retired. In the '80s and '90s some of my writings were featured in books by Diane Stein and Dick Sutphen, and then in 1998 I developed a serious illness and I was forced to take early retirement. That left me with plenty of time on my hands and I've been writing my books since then.

Sassy: I'm sorry to hear about your illness, but it seems to me something good and positive came out of it, and that can't be all bad!

Marion: Yeah, I do believe you can always find something positive in even the most negative things. You just have to look closely.

Michael: Like Sassy says, it's great that something good came out of your illness with your writing flourishing. Did you ever regret your decision not to pursue journalism?

Marion: Hi Michael. Yes I did, more than once, but I did have a rewarding career, working with children. Thanks for asking.

Sassy: With regard to your fiction writing, can you explain more about the world they live in please? Building a world seems to me to be a massive, possibly time consuming part of writing a fantasy. How much information about your characters world do you work out, and how do you go about it? 

Marion: My trilogy is set in the world of Heaven and Hell, or what we would term as those places, but is nothing like what the church and Hollywood have described to us. Some of the information about those possible places has been given to me from my paranormal experiences and the rest, I guess, is my crazy imagination. No, I didn't spend lots of time thinking about the settings, they just seemed to write themselves, if you know what I mean? I'm not an overly-descriptive writer, I pop little hints/snatches here and there and leave the rest to the reader's imagination. I believe, as readers, we enjoy feeling as though we help to "set the scene." It brings the story more alive.

After I've finished writing Book Three of the trilogy, I hope to write stories about a place called the Kingdom of Legends. This is where all those mythical creatures live, like centaurs, griffins, dragons, unicorns and, of course, the Faery Folk. I 'see' this world as similar to our own, but peopled by those who are other than human and where magic is commonplace.

You could say because my career years were spent with children that I've refused to grow up. :-)
Sassy: Don't ever grow up then, we love you as you are! :) Here's a quirky question for you! Do you have houseplants and if so, what are your favourites? I'm guessing that you are a plant lover! :) 

You are correct, I'm definitely a plant lover. I enjoy gardening and also have several indoor plants - a couple of succulents, cacti and regular plants like Spider Plants and Dracaena. It's difficult to say what is my favourite, I like all of them, but the Spiders are one favourite. They are hardy, easy to grow and I just like the plant's shape and symmetry. Also, the contrasting green and white stripes.  

As a plant lover, and for anyone else who is also one, I thought you might like to read the following information from my book Turning to Nature, which is about the Bach Flower Remedies. Apart from using these Remedies for plants, you can also place a crystal in the plant pot in order to keep the plant healthy and growing. You don't need to bury it in the soil, just place it on top and next to the plant.
Blessings, Maz. ^j^
Treating Indoor and Outdoor Plants:

The plant kingdom responds very well to the Bach Remedies. I have given the required drops of Rescue Remedy and/or Crab Apple to ailing indoor plants and those growing outside with positive results. I place the drops into the watering can so that the roots can quickly absorb the healing essences once I have watered the plant, shrub, or tree.

When I receive cut flowers or buy them for myself, I always add 4 drops of Rescue Remedy to the water that they will stand in, and this dosage is repeated each time I change the water. Time and time again this addition of flower essences has prolonged the life of the cut blooms. I believe this is because Rescue Remedy is addressing their trauma of being cut and separated from the parent plant. For this same reason 2 drops of Star of Bethlehem can be placed in the water when Rescue Remedy is not available. Another Remedy that appears to prolong the life of cut flowers is Walnut. It helps them adjust to the change in their environment and physical condition.

I always use the five flower essences of Rescue Remedy when rooting new plants. The cuttings are placed in water that contains the necessary 4 drops and they repeatedly produce roots more quickly than those that are just placed in plain water. Seeds and seedlings are also given those restorative drops which, in turn, appear to help germination and subsequent growth. When our bushes and trees are pruned and cut back they receive a watering that has the supplement of Rescue Remedy within it.

So try using the Bach Remedies together with your gardening skills and watch how well your indoor and outdoor green friends respond to this treatment.

Sassy: Thank you, Marion, that's very informative.  I've used Bach Rescue Remedy myself, but never on plants! I will have to try this out.

Angelika Devlyn: You've written a lot of books, do you have a set writing schedule, if so, what is it? Do you listen to music when you write?

I write just about every weekday, always in the mornings and sometimes into mid afternoon. On weekends it's a little more hit and miss. There are some llate nights when I write, as well. I don't listen to music, I just enjoy the silence, but I do listen to music when I'm not writing.

Do let me know if you'd like to read an excerpt from one of my books.

Angelika Devlyn: Thank you, Maz! May I ask what sort of music you do listen to for relaxation?

And yes! Please can we see one of your excerpts. How about one from your first fiction book?  Thanks! 

Marion: I enjoy various types of music, but when I'm relaxing I like to listen to what some call New Age music.

Book Excerpt:

Samael's Fall: Book One of The Angelic Chronicles
Genre: Fantasy Adventure/Romantica
Word Count: 123,000
Amazon Buy Link  
He's handsome, charismatic and extremely charming, but he's rapidly becoming a dark soul. A stirring account of how and why the first and most radiant archangel fell from grace and became the Devil. This book takes a contemporary look at the Celestial Hierarchy and it presents a controversial portrayal of the angelic realms. These celestial beings make mistakes, harbor jealousy and sometimes use poor judgment. There's plenty of adventure, romance. sibling rivalry and treachery in this first book of The Angelic Chronicles trilogy. It has previously been placed more than once in the top 100 of Amazon's Category Sales Ranks for books about the Occult. As an added plus, the cover is beautifully illustrated by Fanitsa Petrou, a talented Fantasy artist and graphic designer.

Another silence ensued. The Shekinah stared down at her hands while her sibling studied her saddened face. He knew he could not leave without expressing his feelings for her, but he was reluctant to begin. Finally, he asked, "Are you aware I severely injured several angels?"
Malkura looked up at him and replied, "Yes, Michael has told me that you did."
"Yet you have continued to show me kindness and loving care. Why?"
"You are my brother and I love you, as I love all of my siblings. Knowing that you wounded some of the angels has grieved me deeply, but I cannot turn away from you when you are in need of help." Malkura's gaze returned to her hands.

"You are truly an angelic soul, my lady. Neither Samael nor I are worthy of your love, whether it is given as a sibling or with much greater feeling." He leaned forwards and questioned, "Are you distraught now that Samael is gone?"
Continuing to look down, she answered, "I am both saddened and relieved. Having decided to put away my love for him, it was most painful to see him and be in his company. Now, I will not be reminded of his fall from grace. I can treasure memories of the once noble Lord Samael."

"And what of me? How will you remember Lord Seriel?"
Finally, she returned his gaze and he saw that her eyes were filled with tears. "If you go through the portal, I will think of you often. I will remember a brother who showed me great compassion when I was almost crazed with sadness. If you stay, I do not know what will transpire."
"I cannot stay. I have sworn my allegiance to Samael and our parent has asked me to keep watch over him."
"Then you must go." Tears began to course down her cheeks. "Oh, this bothersome fluid! Did you ask our parent what it is?" She dabbed her eyes with the wide cuff of one of her sleeves.

"The droplets are tears. The Source told me our eyes create them when we experience grief. I also learned that the aqueous objects, which Samael and I found, were our parent's tears. It shed them out of sorrow for its first-born son."
"That knowledge makes me feel even more saddened." The Shekinah sat gazing past her brother, lost in unhappy thoughts.

Once again, the sibling archangels sat in silence. Seriel knew he must declare his love for his sister. He might never have another opportunity to tell her. Taking hold of her hands, he asked: 
"Do you recall when we last held each other's hands? You told me afterwards you had taken a notion to meld with me. I wish to know whether you desired our awareness blending because you felt gratitude toward me for the comfort I gave to you? Or was your wish prompted by a deeper feeling?"
Malkura closed her eyes and stilled her thoughts. Seriel waited for her reply, but none came. After a while, he pressed:

"I pray you, dear sister, look at me and answer my question. Do you hold an affection for me that is more than sibling love?"
The Shekinah opened her eyes and looked directly into his. There were no more tears, but utter sadness filled their green depths. She told him, "I have expected this question and I have dreaded it. I thought it was the one you wished to ask, yet could not remember. My answer may not please you, but it is all I can offer. I have loved unwisely once and, thus, cannot allow myself to cherish another brother who chooses strife and disruption over peace and harmony."

"I thank you for your honesty, my lady. May I be as forthright with you?"
A nod of agreement was her only response.
Continuing to grasp her hands, Seriel knew, at last, he could convey his feelings to her. "I have loved you both as a sibling, and so much more, from the instant of our birthing. You are more precious to me than I could ever express and I will never forsake my passion for you. It is eternal."
A rueful smile appeared, as Malkura remarked, "Manah told me that she and my angels knew it was so. Yet I was unaware. Why did you never tell me of your love?"
"I thought the depth of your devotion to Samael would last forever. I believed you both were inseparable."
"How wrong you were, Seriel."

"Indeed, I was." The seventh archangel released her hands, stood up and declared, "Now, I will take my leave of you. I wish to go to my home until I am ready to pass through the portal."
Arising from her chair, his sister observed, "Surely you are not yet strong enough to leave here? I would have you stay with me until you are fully recovered."

"I thank you for your concern, but I trust you will understand that I prefer to be alone. I must prepare myself to go to the outer Abyss." Seriel attempted to adopt a mode of efficiency in order to quell his churning emotions. "I shall gift my home to Raphael. When I do, I will give him your emerald so that he can bring it to you. Also, I know you enjoy your discourses with our parent, thus, you may wish to move this abode closer to it. Just tell the capstone where you want the pyramid to be and it will quickly move it. Lastly, do you have a message that I can take to Samael? I know he will want to know whether you gave me such."

"He may not. Our parting was most unhappy. He was furious with me for not wishing to go with him." Malkura kept her thoughts to herself for a short while, then she suggested, "If he does ask you for a message, tell him his sister wishes him to fare well and that she hopes he will find his soul's destiny."
"I will also try to persuade him to not watch you through his crystal. Now, may you remain within our parent's loving care until, and if, we meet, again."

"Dear Seriel, this parting is more upsetting than the one with Samael. Must you leave so soon?" She stepped close to him and lifted her arms, as if ready to embrace him.

Turning sharply away from her, he begged, "Please do not touch me, Malkura. If you do, you will destroy my resolve to go to our brother. I pray you, open the entrance door for me, but remain in this chamber. I cannot bear to delay my parting from you." Without looking back at the Shekinah, he began to walk slowly out of the room. As he moved along the corridors, his strength was quickly increasing. When he reached the open front entrance, he felt able to make the short flight to his home. Before he unfurled his wings, Seriel suddenly realized tears were streaming down his face.
Maz. ^j^

Thank you so much, Marion, for your time and energy! It's been a pleasure featuring you, and I wish you much success with your writing, and anything you do. :)

Dear Readers, don't forget to check out Marion's Author in the Spotlight page on AR, and her giveaway competition, which is open until Feb, 19th 2010. 

Later on today I will be posting a Sassy Sunday Story Starter, provided by Marion! I apologise for this being a little on the late side. There was a huge amount of homework for my son to get through on the computer, and my husband was on the laptop. I was left pacing up and down, waiting... 

:) The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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  1. Thank you, Sassy, for all your support and willingness to share some of my writings with other people. I've thoroughly enjoyed being the Author in the Spotlight for January.

    Many Blessings, Marion. ^j^

  2. You are most welcome! It's been a lovely, fun time. And educational, too (when it comes to crystals!) I'm so pleased to have found your books!

    Glad you enjoyed your stay!




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