REVIEW: Crystal Companions | Marion Webb-De Sisto WIN THIS BOOK! -

REVIEW: Crystal Companions | Marion Webb-De Sisto WIN THIS BOOK!

Title: Crystal Companions; The Use of the Mineral Kingdom Within Modern-Day Metaphysics
Author: Marion Webb-De Sisto
Genre: Indie/Non-Fiction/ Alternative-Healing/Crystals
Length: 161 pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: Sassy Brit

I liked the the way this book was set out, so I've decided to go through each part with a brief description of some of the topics that really interested me most, difficult as it all did!

Combining Crystals with Therapies and Complementary Medicine. I enjoyed learning about Crystal Regression Healing, and Marion's use of both her "fail-safe" technique, and a useful visualisation tool she calls "the mists of time". Elestial Reiki was also another subject I found very intriguing, since I am a first degree Reiki student, and have always held an interest of the various methods of combining Reiki with other healing practices. Elestial Reiki, is a new term to me, and it is the use of Reiki with earthing crystals. Crystal Therapy, and how certain ancient cultures worked with the minerals and knew about their properties.

Combining Crystals with Spiritual and Metaphysical Pursuits. In Home Blessings and Space Clearing, Marion brought to my attention this can be combined with crystalline energies and a large number of other tools for use of clearing negativity from room or  house.

Combining Crystals with Divination. Pendulums and Dowsing - Marion supplies different techniques, and offers explanations to how dowsing works. The use of pendulums can assist in receiving yes or no answers to your questions.

In all three sections there are exercises within each subject that can be followed in order to find out what works best for you. The appendices at the end of the book are also very good, in that they are detailed and very helpful. Here are a few I found extremely informative; Cleansing Crystals, Earthing/Grounding Crystals, Using Tumblestones as Divination Tools and How to Build and Disassemble an Etheric Structure.

All in all, Crystal Companions; The Use of the Mineral Kingdom
Within Modern-Day Metaphysics
, is a thoroughly informative book, which has animated my love of crystals. Some of this book I already knew, but there were several sections I find most enlightening, raising new topics, and a greater awareness for the crystals in my own home. Inspiring!

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REVIEW: Crystal Companions | Marion Webb-De Sisto WIN THIS BOOK! REVIEW: Crystal Companions | Marion Webb-De Sisto WIN THIS BOOK! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 10:25 am Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for the review, Sassy. One thing I particularly enjoyed about writing this book was the need to research the histories of the various disciplines and practices featured in it. For example: learning how the Tarot and the Runes came into existence.

    Blessings, Marion. ^j^

  2. Thank you, Marion,

    Yes, a lot of research of various disciplines went into this, which is one reason I love the style of this book, and how you put the facts across in an entertaining and enlightening way.

  3. Cool book Sassy...

    Growing up my dad swore by crystals- I was probably at the age not to apprecite them or didn't want to...

    Through the years however my interest turned to tarot, incenses, any kind of scents - eastern medicines and meditation.. but I have never trivialized crytals....

    Because it played such a wonderful part in my upbringing...

    I now have a few pieces of item with crystal around me......

    @Marion - I love mythology and I know from my reading alot of the customs have crystals as part and parcel of some of their rituals...

    How long did this book take you to put together - as I can only imagine this research branching off into varies other exciting avenues...

    How could you resist...


  4. Well, I started writing it back in 2005, but another book demanded my attention and it was put aside for a year or so. Then I got back to it and what mostly took up time was waiting for other folk to give me their information for it. All-in-all, it probably took the best part of 10-11 months to go from the first word to the last, but that was with a lengthy break in between.

    BTW, I'm totally addicted to crystals and I've even managed to make them a part of my Fantasy novels.

    Blessings, Marion. ^j^

  5. I never understood why crystals would call to me-literally-but knew that if I could afford them they would end up in my home. My husband always thought I was absolutely nuts when I would tell him it had said it belonged to me.

    Can you explain why some crystals call to some people while others siimply lie there "looking pretty"? I've tried to read up on some of it,but have simply decided to display those that make me feel whole in my home and there are times I simply stand and caress one of them because it makes me feel better.Perhaps I shall have to study up on the Reiki.

  6. Crystals and crystal skulls definitely appear to "call" to some people and yet not to others. I think it depends on whether you are the type of person who can 'tune in' to other levels/dimensions. In other words, if your inner hearing and/or sight is active, you pick up on what often goes unnoticed in everyday life. I think we all have this ability, but in some lifetimes we choose not to activate it.

    Blessings, Marion. ^j^

  7. Hi, EH,

    I'm the only one in my family that is truly interested in them, and other forms of alternative healing and therapies, but I've met some great people through learning - it's such fun!

    I also love going to places like the Mind, Body and Soul Exhibition - where they also have a vast arrange of books on offer, not usually found locally.

  8. Ruth,

    I don't think anyone in my family really understands my interest in them either - join the club! Although, my son brought a few, that he was drawn to, and wanted to "own" himself. I think they fascinate kids, because of their different colours and textures. Much like they do us, but perhaps for different reasons.

  9. Marion, that's a lovely way of putting it - we all have the ability, but don't choose to activate it. And yes, I do believe they "call us" .

    Since reading both your books, I've suddenly dug out my crystals again! :)

  10. Hi Sassy,

    The gremlins are active this morning. I've tried 3 times to answer your post, but it won't go through. I'll try again.

    There does appear to be times when crystals and skulls need to rest or do something else, perhaps at another level? We put them away or don't notice them wherever they are, and then we suddenly become aware of them again. This will sound 'off the wall,' but I think they instigate this non-interaction with us. I'm not sure why they do this, but it does happen. It's just one of several abilities attributed to the mineral kingdom, apart from healing, enhancing and focusing.

    Blessings, Marion. ^j^

  11. Sorry to hear you've been having trouble, Marion. I've had trouble this morning trying to upload a picture, which is never usually a problem! Blogger issues, I'm sure.

    Well, as for non-interaction, (yes, I agree how that sounds possible) and I'm happy too say my break is over now! :)


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