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H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !


Well, I see somehow my scheduled posts didn't work - that's a great start! Not much I can do apart from apologise (SORRY!) and look a little sheepish.

Moving swiftly on...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous spanking new 2010! I hope you get everything you wish for, plus more! :)

Did you make any New Year resolutions? Are you already breaking them? Did you get any new books for Christmas? What books did you get to read over the holidays? Assuming you had time to...

I had the busiest Christmas yet. I hate to say it, but - I wasn't very well (again!) in the run up to Christmas. I just made it through Christmas Day - where I had eight people to dinner - I know, imagine the horror on their faces when they see my cooking! Then after that I was on and off poorly for the rest of the time. Typical! No, really, it was the same last year. Anyway, enough of my woes, I'm back and surprisingly chipper! :) Raring to go, in fact.

JANUARY Author in the Spotlight!

So, this month we have a few prize winners to announce soon. I would also like to introduce you to our new Author in the Spotlight - Marion Webb-De Sisto. Please give her a hearty welcome and go and visit her new page on AR! (Click the link above!) Marion has very kindly offered to donate a couple of her (many) books for giveaway prizes - so stay tuned for those.


I will also be making a few changes to the way I do some things here. Most importantly I will be reverting my What's On Your Desk Wednesday? meme, back to the weekly feature it was. I don't think the meme was working, so - although it won't be much different, it will be more like the Wednesday feature it always was - rather than a meme. I always say if something doesn't work it's best to move on and that's what I'm doing!

More Promos in 2010!

The giveaways, featured authors and "Author in the Spotlight" features are still going strong, and since they were really working well last year, I will also be concentrating on those PROMOS more. Of course, we are still first and foremost a review site, and as always we have lots of those to share with you. Even more since my scheduled posts didn't work! LOL

Plea for help!

I am, however, looking for more reviewers if anyone is interested. There are actually only five of us reading, and the book review requests we receive far outweigh the amount we get through. A shame, but I suspect it's the same with all book reviewers! Feel free to email me for an informal chat if you would like to work for AR - in any capacity. Not only are we always looking for reviewers, we also need editors, calender co-ordinators, and promoters and...well, if you think you can help - you know where to find me!
So, that's all (for now), folks - tomorrow my son and husband are back at school/work, and it's a full day's work in the office for me. At the risk of sounding selfish...ah! Bliss! I cannot wait to get back into my usual routine. See you then!

Don't forget to check out Marion's Author in the Spotlight page! :)


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  1. Happy New Year :D
    Hm reviewers, hm

  2. Happy New Year =D

  3. Thank you Ladies!

    Yes, reviewers Hm, Blodeuedd! :))




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