REVIEW: There's More To Life Than Making A Living | Jack C. McDowell with Phil Needham

Title: There's More To Life Than Making A Living
Author: Jack C. McDowell with Phil Needham
Website of Publisher:  a division of Hatchett Book Group
Genre: Christian Living, Business and Economics
Publication date: November 2009
ISBN: Hardcover 978-0-446-55594-4;
eBook 0446571717
Length: 188 pages
Format: Hardcover, eBook
Reviewer: Lucille Perkins Robinson

Jack C. McDowell lays down six key essentials he has found very important in making your life significant to God and others. THERE'S MORE TO LIFE…gives step by step instructions on how to learn what God's will is for your life and how to accomplish that will. The Table of Contents divides the book this way: FIRST KEY ESSENTIAL: Find Your Calling then ACTIONS. ACTIONS list the things a person like you and me can do to find our calling. SECOND KEY ESSENTIAL: Learn From Your Experiences also lists ACTIONS you can perform to figure out just what skills and experiences you've had that can work in your favor. We can learn at each step what we can do to give something back to the world. Jack C. McDowell has developed these essentials based upon his own walk with God.

This is a very important book to those who may have had trouble in learning what God's will is for their own lives. I've spent a lot of years wondering and praying to find God's will for my life and feel I haven't found it; yet ministers just tell you to seek God's will and give you no idea how to go about it other than praying. Praying is absolutely necessary, but Jack C. McDowell has a gift for telling us plainly what to do and how to do it. By the way, many of these principles can work in other areas of our lives.

Author's Bio
Jack C. McDowell was born in Hollywood, California, during the Great Depression. He served the Salvation Army for thirty-eight years, devoting his life to the organization's financial needs and dedicated officers. In 2005, Jack endowed and sponsored the opening of the Salvation Army's School for Leadership Development. Its purpose is to build spiritually motivated leaders and equip them with the resources and skills to complete their missions with the Salvation Army. The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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