Stitches in Time by Diana Hunter -

Stitches in Time by Diana Hunter

Title: Stitches in Time
Author: Diana Hunter
Publisher: An Elora’s Cave Romantica Publication
Publication Date: 2003
ISBN: 97814119922633
Format: eBook, Novella
Length: 81 pages
Genre: Erotic Romance

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Do you believe in fate? How about leprechauns? Stitches in Time by Diana Hunter depends on both. You see, Liam Flaherty is the only man with the power to break a curse that has been lost in the distant reaches of his family history. When he and Maggie Andrews, the tightly wound daughter of his company’s owner, stumble upon a unique piece of tapestry, the depicted leprechaun speaks to him, promising Liam the love of Maggie in return for Liam’s help.

Liam is soon in over his head. The leprechaun is true to his word and helps Liam crack Maggie’s well-constructed armour, but Liam isn’t prepared for the lioness he’s released. By the time the two finish taking the edge off their mutual sexual tension, they’re head over heels in love and Liam not only finds himself agreeing to buy Maggie’s company so that she can pursue the career she’s always wanted (restoring historical pieces), he accompanies her as she races across the country in search of the rest of the strange tapestry.

Yes, Stitches in Time is a fun little novella. Well written and moving at a nice pace, it’s also a fine display of craftsmanship; the book just doesn’t require technical criticism. However, it’s not for everyone: Stitches in Time is an erotic romance filled to overflowing with explicit sex. The book also explores, in a mature and gentle way, the subjects of Bondage and Dominant/Submissive relationships.

I’m sure you would agree that with all I’ve mentioned this book packs a lot into into a small package. Don’t let that scare you away. Stitches in Time is pure entertainment for those who like spicy reads.

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Stitches in Time by Diana Hunter Stitches in Time by Diana Hunter Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 5:52 pm Rating: 5


  1. Thank you for introducing me to a new author ....

    I think I must try this - short and has a little of everything..


  2. Anonymous12:55 am

    I'm with E.H. on this one. Love finding new authors.

  3. Thank you again, Clayton! I'm lovin' that you're lovin' my books :)

  4. THANKS for your comments ladies - and thank you Diana for coming back to thank Clayton! We love it when authors do that!!



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