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Hello compers! (Competition entrants!) First, I would like to thank all of you who entered this great competition where two people will win both these books:

MIRACLES by Karen Kingsbury draws from five of Karen's most popular books, delivering readers a fresh word from God for each week. Each devotion is an excerpt from one of Karen's Miracle books, selected for the uplifting and strengthening message it offers.


There's More to Life Than Making a Living by Jack C. McDowell, Phil Needham
A significant life has positive meaning and value beyond individual success. It means contributing to the lives of others and showing compassion. In this book, Jack McDowell shares the six keys to a life of significance: Find your calling, learn from your experiences, acquire habits that build character, discover the joy of generosity, build relationships for life, and don't retire. Each chapter contains specific actions that will help readers master the six essentials. These steps are the harvest of Jack's own experiences and they are, he says, "the gifts of a providential God to this seeker after a life with deeper and more lasting meaning."

Giving is man's God-ordained purpose. This book will provide encouragement and resources for the journey to a more significant life. It is a personal invitation to discover that there is far more to life than just making a living.

I would like to thank Hachette Book Group for donating these books for an AR Giveaway.

Finally, it's time to announce the winners. I know, I've padded it out long enough. So without further ado the winning names are:





I will let you know you have won and then if you can get back to me upon receipt of my notification within 48 hours I'd appreciate it. Please supply me with your name and postal address and I will forward your details onto Hachette Book Group. Thank you!


It must be noted that the first name pulled out of the hat missed out 
because they were not following publicly. 
Sorry if this seems unfair, but if I can't see you are a member, you can't win.  
Those are the rules!

 **Please, when you follow by Google Reader, make sure it is publicly to save you missing out**

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GIVEAWAY WINNING NAMES! Hachette Book Group! GIVEAWAY WINNING NAMES! Hachette Book Group! Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 8:21 pm Rating: 5


  1. I won! I won! I'm so excited!
    Thanks so very very much. I look forward to reading these... =)
    (aka SuperMom @

  2. You are very welcome!!

    THANKS for playing along. I hope you enjoy your win!

    Ooh, what is wrong with this post!? Not sure what is going on, but I've been having nothing but trouble posting to Blogger lately!

    Sorry about the mess everyone. :)


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