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Want to read a book as it is being written? Warts and all?

This is an old book, but a good one. I  picked this out of many of her fiction and non-fiction book list, because it's a first of a series and I particularly like this cover design, which differs to my copy. See more below.

The Read-As-She-Writes Online Novel: TalysMana

If I mention the name, Holly Lisle, some of you will no doubt already know who she is and the types of books she writes. If I mention that she is writing a book for all to see, as it literally falls out of her imagination -- warts and all -- typos, inconsistencies, and all sorts of mistakes you'd expect from an unedited book, it may pique your interest, whether you know this author or not. Although, personally I bet we don't see THAT many errors! It certainly sounds a lot of fun to me.

If you are interested you need to go to this page here, and sign up for her emails, which enables her to send you the story as it progresses -- as soon as it is written.

If you are late signing up, then no worries, you can still join and she will send you two emails per week until you have caught up with everyone else.

I think this is a great idea, for readers, authors, and aspiring writers alike. It is also beginning at just the right time, for those of you taking part in this November's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as she will eventually, like NaNoWriMo participants, need to go back through this and revise it to publishing standards. I imagine that is something everyone will enjoy because you get to see the final product, and just how she got there.

Can't be bad!

Incidentally, I've read the first scene and I must say it does sound like it could be a very good story. She's hooked me with a list of unanswered questions - 'What happened?', 'Who are they?', 'What are they doing in her house anyway?'  And probably less commonly - 'Don't let the dog get hurt!'

Holly Lisle's Main Website -- Writing diary (Pocket Full of Words) -- TalysMana (The Read-As-She-Writes Novel)

About the book: Diplomacy of Wolves 

Kait Galweigh, a young diplomat cursed with a dark secret, must choose to save a world that shuns her and would destroy her if that secret were revealed. The epic search for the nature of good and evil, the definition of humanity, and the meaning of free will, duty, honor . . . and love.

The Author Says: 

This is the first in the SECRET TEXTS trilogy, and the book my agent beat me over the head about until I made it big. If you want to see an example of how I build worlds, this has my best complete, complex universe, with greater scope and scale, and characters much more complex than any I've written before.

If you do check her out, I would love to hear what you think! Have you heard of this author before today? Do you enjoy her work? Is her website helpful for authors / aspiring writers? 


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Want to read a book as it is being written? Warts and all? Want to read a book as it is being written? Warts and all? Reviewed by Sassy Brit on 4:58 pm Rating: 5

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  1. The name does sound familiar, and now you got me all interested. Hm


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