MUSING MONDAYS: I don't beat about the bush! -

MUSING MONDAYS: I don't beat about the bush!

Musing Mondays

Hosted by Gautami! Here is this week's question:

 Q: With the holiday season now upon us, have you left any hint – subtle or otherwise – for books family and friends might buy you for Christmas? Do you like to receive books, or do you prefer certificates so you can choose your own?

A: Everyone in my family would rather know what I want book wise, as opposed to guess. So I like to make their lives easier by telling them exactly which titles I need. Like most book bloggers here, there is always plenty of choice. 

Wish lists are great, but I have learnt they can cause different people to buy the same book unless I suggest different books from that list for each person. The same thing happens for other members in my family that request books for Christmas. I tend to ask them (or their spouses), for specific book titles because I am much happier getting books they desire. Whether they like them, well, that's another matter!

What's your answer to this weeks Monday Musing?
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  1. I have made up wish lists, but I have no problem with bookstore gift cards since they're so much fun to redeem.

  2. That is a great question. Usually family will give me a GC but for hubby I make him a list. Its much easier this way.


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