MONDAY MUSING; Where are your bookshelves?

Monday Musings

Hosted by Gautami! Does your house have a communal bookshelf? If not, is your bookshelf centrally located so everyone has access to it?

I have the main large bookcases in the living room where they are more accessible for everyone and anyone to dip into, and my office has three bookcases, but they are also in every room in the house. Even the toilet!   So, there's absolutely no excuse for not picking up a  book to read. I truly love to display my books and I really notice when I visit a house and there are none. I think that tells a lot about someone.

If I had more house space I would line every wall with books.

What about you?

:) The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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  1. I have books everywhere, too, but the bulk of my TBR has overtaken the guest room. They are all packaged and put in Rubbermaid bins...I have too many for bookshelves. LOL

  2. I thought I was the only one with a shelf in the loo...

    I couldn't life without it - I hide from my kids in there and I need a book on those hideouts...



  3. Goodness, Yvonne you are naughty, (I mean lucky!) LOL It's the price we have to pay for loving books so (too?) much!

    Hi, E.H> It's OK your secret is safe with me. I do the same thing. :)


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