REVIEW: Fur and Fang by Sean Michael, B.A. Tortuga from Torquere Press

Title: Fur and Fang
Author: Sean Michael, B.A. Tortuga
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Shape-shifter, M/M
Publication Date: July 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60370-756-5
Length: 254 Pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

The Law of the Jungle by Sean Michael
When his crew brings him a beautiful big cat in a cage, Captain Marco is enchanted with it. He's even more enchanted with the gorgeous male said cat turns into. The problem is that his crew is not going to be as enchanted as he is, so what are his options and which one is he willing to take?

Snake Oil by B.A. Tortuga
What's a man to do when he passes by a wagon and senses the presence of an old friend-forget him or rescue him? The question is whether or not he can make Truett even want to be human again.

The Lost Tiger by Sean Michael
Torao has managed to escape from the "Keeper" and Greyson finds him scrounging and wants to help this strange, lost man. The Keeper however has no intention of letting Torao remain "lost" and Greyson must decide how best to keep him safe.

Alpha by B.A. Tortuga
There's nothing like thinking you've found a "safe haven" as Cage knows when he's in his cabin. Until the real owner comes home. Now Cage has something he's never had- a pack. Can this "pack" survive each other and the evil that stalks them?

This anthology has pretty much everything you could want in a series of short stories; lust, angst, fear, determination, strength of character, love, humor, wit and of course hot sex. I liked the fact that although it is a mix of locations (and possibly decades) the main supposition seems to be "what would I do for love?". This
anthology has quite an eclectic mix of characters which for me made it all the more interesting. The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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