#REVIEW: Dark Obsession - Fredrica Alleyn #Blacklace - Alternative-Read.com

#REVIEW: Dark Obsession - Fredrica Alleyn #Blacklace

Author: Fredrica Alleyn
Publisher: Black Lace (Virgin Books)
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
ISBN: 9780352345240
Format: Paperback
Length: 252 pgs
Reviewer: Angelika Devlyn (18+)

With her boss, Martin Wells, retiring in three years, interior designer, Annabel, is told to take on client, Lady Corbett-Wynne, single-handedly in order to get in practice for when she will take over the whole business. Embarking on her first solo adventure, Annabel discovers that beneath the delightful dinner parties and the lavish splendour of Leyton Hall the wealthy aristocratic Corbette-Wynne family and their loyal subservient staff are a fa├žade for what is really going on.

Crucially, the characters in this book work wonderfully together as an upper class, sexually deviant ensemble. Young lovers, the Honourable Crispian and his stepsister Tania, have an insatiable appetite for each other and anyone else they can involve. Their philandering father, with a fetish for being dominated, has a penchant for riding not just the horses but willing female stable grooms. The Lord's frigid wife is, unbeknown to him, not immune to the sins of the flesh when the right person comes along, namely Sir Mathew Stevens, who has a way to charm even the most coldest fish out of her knickers, giving the Lady Corbett-Wynne a taste of what's missing in her life. While amazed, Annabel takes it all in her stride and is willing to have a go at anything new, which in her case is just about everything. How could her life ever be the same again?

This story is filthily rich in detail, intense and infused with a sense of fun and these are defining qualities of an outstanding tale, which quickly puts Dark Obsession in a class of its own. A very naughty read, just what I'd expect from Fredrica Alleyn and Black Lace! I'll definitely be checking out more of this author's work. Who'd of thought one family would have so much fun?

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#REVIEW: Dark Obsession - Fredrica Alleyn #Blacklace #REVIEW: Dark Obsession - Fredrica Alleyn #Blacklace Reviewed by Angelika Devlyn on 12:41 am Rating: 5

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