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#REVIEW: The Gift of Girls - Chloe Thurlow

Author: Chloe Thurlow
Publisher: Nexus (Virgin Books)
Genre: Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Format: Paperback
Length: 220 pages
Reviewer: Angelika Devlyn (18+)
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When Magdalena Wallace lands a job as an intern with Simon Roche's accountancy firm she is given a fair amount of responsibility with his accounts, including his passwords. Whilst moonlighting at a part time evening job in a casino, she meets Sandy Cunningham, and upon discovering that his winning streak is not luck at all, but a well thought out gambling system, she finds herself doing anything to get the insider details.

Unfortunately, gambling online during office hours and not sticking to the system's policy of stopping when she makes a loss means Magdalena must try another way to recoup her losses. In desperation she borrows money from the accountancy firm. Of course, she loses everything and her borrowing now stands as embezzling. Repentant, Magdalena confesses all to Simon, including that she hasn't the money to pay him back and will do anything to sort it out between them as long as it doesn't involve the police. Not surprisingly, Simon comes up with the perfect solution. Well, she did express a willingness to do anything and that is just what she gets when she becomes his slave in order to redeem herself.

The transition from 'a quick work time gamble' to a serious offence is very believable and well written. Simon is a wonderfully dominant character, who ultimately is out to dominate Magdalena for his own purposes. Magdalena is full of self doubt as to whether she can cope with what she has taken on even though the matter is out of her hands. As we follow her on her journey of submission and discover the true meaning of what it entails to be one of girls inside the Black Spires mansion, in which the most powerful and rich businessmen meet, we see that there is so much more to her new way of life - and indeed this book - than at first it would seem. Superb take on one woman's plight for redemption, and her struggle to submit far beyond that of which she ever thought herself capable considering her sheltered upbringing. We see how she adapts to the demands of being a gift under her new Master's orders, of which she is at first shocked by and then relishes in. Chloe Thurlow's story is top notch and will get you in the mood to agree to anything just to get a slice of what Magdalena has, whether or not you are that way inclined.

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#REVIEW: The Gift of Girls - Chloe Thurlow #REVIEW: The Gift of Girls - Chloe Thurlow Reviewed by Angelika Devlyn on 11:10 pm Rating: 5

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