PROMO HOT EROTIC EXCERPT - Sacrificial Sex By Laura Tolomei -

PROMO HOT EROTIC EXCERPT - Sacrificial Sex By Laura Tolomei

Being 3rd on eXtasy's monthly bestseller list, I'd like to THANK YOU with a new erotic excerpt. Enjoy!


*Sacrificial Sex
by Laura Tolomei
eXtasy Books.
M/M, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-55487-243-5

Release date: March 1st, 2009

By the author of
**, *Hinted and The Moon Priestess, all available at eXtasy book, a brand
new novel.

Will the handsome stranger convince the bloodthirsty sorcerer to stop vicious human sacrifices? But can he afford to pay the price to fulfil his quest?

* Blurb:*

A young man, thrown in a primitive world where blood and sex are sacrificed to sanguinary gods in a vicious ritual, tries to stop the sorcerer from satisfying his own bloodlust and sexual cravings on innocent virgins. An intended victim himself, the handsome stranger will use sexual persuasion to gain his trust without revealing the truth behind the bloody offerings. But in his dangerous quest to save the virgins, Rowen will get more blood, sex and cruelty than he has bargained for.

*Excerpt M/M/M erotic*

Rowen's fingers continued their exciting tease almost as if he felt him still taut. His anxiety had started the moment Rowen had challenged Mylos with his revelation of their promiscuous meetings. In his heart, the disciple knew that no matter how mad the Blood Divine might get, he would never take it out on Rowen. His servant would more than likely be the only recipient of his wrath so Patris's future had hung on the balance for an excruciatingly long moment.

*Relax now, little one*, the order seemed to come from nowhere. *He's
accepted what we do and won't hurt you for it*.

Patris wanted to reply, but a rush of love washed away all concerns. Not knowing where it came from, he accepted the wonderful gift, melting inside the wave, calming his beating heart and relaxing his muscles as ordered. As if to help him along, Rowen resumed playing with his cock, which had suffered a bit of a fall due to the tense situation. His skillful touch though, soon restored the earlier erection, jerking it confidently.

Mylos pushed back Patris's head, letting it hang down from the table's edge, and quickly shoved his rigid thickness deep inside the warm mouth, pushing repeatedly to get all the way inside. Patris coughed, choking on the bulging head that had almost managed to reach his throat, but Mylos did not seem to take heed. Instead, he only moved slightly back in order to plunge deeper with the next thrust. Resigned, Patris worked hard with his tongue to keep the demanding master from smothering him, fiercely wrapping it around the bursting head to hold it steady. An impossible task, he soon realized, especially when he felt it twitch in pleasure at the sight of Rowen's cock disappearing inside his ass.


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Ciao from Rome,

*Laura Tolomei* aka Lalla Gatta



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