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WOYDW: Casondra Brewster reveals what's on her three desks!


My name is Casondra Brewster -- Casz to those who know be best or who can't say my name as it is spelled, with a short 'o.'  I'm a freelance writer/communications consultant during the day and chase my fiction dreams in the evening, while raising a family and an urban farm. That means I have two desks -- one in a sanctuary for those times I really need to have silence and one where the whole world walks by and I find the activity just as inspiring. (I've attached photos of both my desks and then some of the extreme editing I've been doing.)

Extreme Editing! 

This summer I've been experimenting with not setting the alarm. I'm uncertain it appeals to my early-bird-gets-the-worm mentality. But the creativity is high. Sleep, until now, has been an underrated tool in my author-life tool box. I start the day with morning pages, writing a blog entry, and then spend most of the day juggling freelance paying gigs and my three children. The late afternoon is dedicated to my Urban Farm. My husband and I bought a home that has just under 1/4 acre of land. I'm trying to make it self-sustaining. It will be a multi-year project. The evening is spent with fiction pursuits, to include an online episodic fiction series called Martius Catalyst. This is a collaborative project with my co-author, Samantha Tiner, and artists. I also lead an active group of writers in my community, SnoValley Writes! We have done two literary journals over the last two years and are working hard to help support the writing and art community in our valley. My number one personal project right now is getting my YA Urban Fantasy novel, Wilderness Rim, polished and ready to shop to agents/editors. 

Always open! :) 

My bio:  Casondra “Casz” Brewster has been a word smith for more than two decades, mostly as a journalist and corporate communicator. Stories are not the only thing she creates. If not at her desk getting words down, she may be found digging in the dirt of her urban farm, or in her garage banging a motorcycle into submission, or creating nonsensical things into artful beauty. Besides sharing her home with the voices in her head, she resides in the Cascade Foothills in Western Washington
 with husband, children, a shelter-rescue dog and a 55-gallon aquarium of fish that lead an enviable life of leisure. 


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  1. What a lovely desk, Cassondra! Thanks for sharing :) 


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