#WOYDW : What's on Stephanie Burkhart's Desk this Wednesday? Could be electrifying! - Alternative-Read.com

#WOYDW : What's on Stephanie Burkhart's Desk this Wednesday? Could be electrifying!

This week I am pleased to allow you to snoop through author
Stephanie Burkhart's desk! ;)

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My writing Space
by: Stephanie Burkhart and Juliet.

My muse, Juliet, loves my writing space. She just hops on the top edge of my Macbook's display screen and settles in with a cup of tea and her nail file and it's time for her to go work. She's easy. I wish I had it as easy as she did. –wink-

I need to be centrally located in the house so I can keep an eye and ear out on my kids – especially Joe, my 4 year old. Strike 1 – I'm within earshot of a 4 year old.

My dining room fits the bill. I flip open my Macbook and put my coffee down next to it. Mind you, coffee is fuel for the soul. (Juliet would argue green tea is.)

Right above my mousepad is a calendar of events for the month. It helps to keep me on track. To the right of my Macbook, I have my notes and handwritten pages, which I'm going to type up. 80% of my writing is done longhand and I just have to come to the computer and type it up. Juliet likes that. She treats herself to manicures, pedicures, and massages. I'm stuck typing. My fingers are dying for a manicure.

20% of my writing is done at the computer. Those are the rare occasions were both kids are at school and I have peace and quiet in the house, or both kids are upstairs playing Wii.

Just in back of the Computer is a book on my TBR pile, my kindle, or my working copy of my WIP. Currently, I'm working on a Steampunk novel called "Victorian Scoundrel." I try to be neat and organized at the buffet table. My WIP has a notebook with a working cover, folders with my notes on Victorian clothes, Buckingham Palace and the Crystal Palace. I usually don't listen to music or background noise when I'm at the computer. I like peace and quiet. When the kids are home, I channel out the "background noise." (Listening up for the important cries of "Mommmm, Joe is bugging me again," or "Mommmm, Andrew won't share.")

My Macbook is new to me, but I am learning. I really like the keyboard. It's easy to type on it with a backlight. Safari is a great web browser, but I'm still trying to feel my away around the nooks and crannies of the computer. I have a secret confession: If it wasn't for my black gig stick, I'd be lost. Shhh… don't tell Juliet. –wink-

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  1. Thanks for playing along, Stephanie! ;) That mug looks precariously placed! *Electrifying!*

  2. Nice desk, and that new book sounds very intriguing indeed


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