What if...? Your weekly fix of the Sassy Sunday Story Starter! (SSSS) - Alternative-Read.com

What if...? Your weekly fix of the Sassy Sunday Story Starter! (SSSS)

Good morning! Welcome back! Players and lurkers, we love you! Here is today's weekly fix of the  Sassy Sunday Story Starter, brought to you by one of our very own affiliate authors, Chérie De Sues.  

Chérie has authored many "critically claimed" novels, novellas, and short stories. 
This week is slightly different, and I hope you will enjoy playing along with this. It's a "What if...?" writing prompt. As usual where you go with this is totally up to you. 
For anyone wanting to try their hand at flash fiction - how about a 450 word limit this week? (*Evil laugh*)  Or, maybe you'll use this to write a whole novel. The choice, as they (who?) say, is yours. 
What if... your young aunt died mysteriously over a cliff and she left you her estate currently occupied with two randy Irish...ghosts?

Chérie's  own book, The Seduction of Simone starts out like this:

The swollen, February sky brooded with purple and rose hues, as though Mother Nature had slapped it.

There would be no point for Simone to put on a happy face. Her fickle emotions had bounced erratically between the pain of loss and joy all day.

Mr. Cavendish stood at the rusted iron gate, which towered behind him like the grill of a Mack truck. His tiny, red sports car, parked off to the side, allowed her to drive on the narrow pavement, leading to Celeste's estate.

No. Her estate now.

The Seduction of Simone, Chérie De Sues
Noble Romance: https://www.nobleromance.com/ItemDisplay.aspx?i=157
Paranormal Suspense Romance Novel

If you'd like to have your prompt featured, please email it to me! I'd love to hear from you.

For full details of what to send, and for ideas of how writers can use these prompts please check out the SSSS guidelines by clicking here


Don't forget to check out the blogs of participants who leave their links in the comments below! We have two creative regulars...
- Amy and Dottie
If they join in this week be sure to pay their sites a visit. You won't regret it. Oh, nearly forgot, even if Amy and Dottie can't join in this week their links to previous mini masterpieces can be found to the right in the sidebar. Er, no, pressure or anything, ladies. 

Good luck and happy writing! 

May the muse be with you! 

*Jedi Sassy*

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What if...? Your weekly fix of the Sassy Sunday Story Starter! (SSSS) What if...? Your weekly fix of the Sassy Sunday Story Starter! (SSSS) Reviewed by Sassy Brit @ Alternative-Read.com on 10:19 am Rating: 5


  1. Sorry about the formatting! Whatever I do the first paragraph refuses to budge! Agh!

  2. Hi Sassy!

    It's taken me most of the day, but I finally got something down! It was a very difficult flash, I really struggled with this one...


    Dottie :)

  3. I would love you to join in Blodeuedd! Whenever you are ready, that would be SO cool. So sorry you have not been well lately. Hope you feel better today.

  4. It certainly was a difficult one to spring on to you all. I like to keep you on your toes though, Dottie! Thanks for giving it a go. I'm popping over for a read with my early morning cuppa! :)

  5. @writtenbycherie @IrishGypsys @gymmom_027 Spectacular flash Pls check it out. It was a hard #writingprompt #amwriting


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