REVIEW: The Summoner | Alisha Steele | Lyrical Press, Incorporated -

REVIEW: The Summoner | Alisha Steele | Lyrical Press, Incorporated

Title: The Summoner
Author: Alisha Steele
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Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Publication date: September 2009
ISBN: Not Applicable
Length: 177 pages
Format: eBook
Content Warning: Very explicit content. The Summoner contains: M/F. M/F/M. F/M/F. Bondage. Spanking. Anal. D/s. DP. Very explicit language.

Reviewer: Clayton Clifford Bye

What if you had the power to summon and control fallen angels, otherwise known as demons? And what if the fallen were so drop-dead handsome as to be irresistible? And what if the fallen weren’t the evil beings you thought they were?

Alexandra is a summoner. Kasdeya is one of the fallen. He’s been imprisoned on a different plane for a thousand years for crossing his brother, the prince of hell, and he wants Alexandra to release him and give him free reign over Earth. He figures he can seduce and manipulate her to get what he wants.

Except... Alexandra seduces him. She also stirs up emotions he didn’t even know he could feel. And the woman is no push over. If Kas is ever allowed to cross over, you can be sure Alexandra will have him bound to her and under complete control.

Watch the sparks fly!

What to say about Alisha Steele’s, The Summoner? Unconventional in its treatment of demons, overflowing with explicit content and hung on a story that has the potential to stand on its own, the book manages to turn evil beings into lovable characters, allows us to believe that one tiny woman can actually hold her own against The Devil himself and narrowly avoids being pornography.
Kas and Shaitan (the prince of hell)  are beings with the potential to grow and learn to love. There are also several different levels of contact between them and angels and even God. Hell comes across as a resort!

Alexandra is not only hot enough to melt these demigods, she’ll raise reader temperatures to dangerous levels. Explicit? This gal is willing to try anything once.

Pornography? There’s more than enough explicit content to qualify—if there wasn’t a decent story to pull it all together. You see, while Alisha Steele’s story is mostly a skeleton for the sexual parts of her book (like many I’ve read), she weaves this story so well, I could easily take that framework and write The Summoner without the erotica. Similarly, the erotic content in The Summoner could not elicit reader interest without the solid storyline provided.

Alisha Steele is a talented author who appears to understand what so many erotic authors don’t: story comes first. If you can write interesting fiction that can grab and hold your reader, you can get away with just about anything you want. The Summoner proves it.

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REVIEW: The Summoner | Alisha Steele | Lyrical Press, Incorporated REVIEW: The Summoner | Alisha Steele | Lyrical Press, Incorporated Reviewed by Clayton Bye on 1:34 am Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for the kind review, Clayton.


    Alisha Steele

  2. Brilliantly said..

    I liked this story as well...



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