REVIEW: Glo Lanterns | Authentic Chinese Sky Lanterns -

REVIEW: Glo Lanterns | Authentic Chinese Sky Lanterns

What do you do when you can't have proper fireworks because your beloved animals are scared of them? We tried these Authentic Chinese Sky Lanterns when we celebrated Guy Fawkes Night, which came in a box of ten and they were much bigger than I expected and also far better looking, too! Made from Chinese paper, these lanterns are like those 'Khoom Fay' traditional lanterns originally invented around in the 1800's and they are very pleasing to the eye. We considered getting indoor fireworks, but they still fizzle, spit and pop and that doesn't really help us in our particular situation. These lanterns, however, are for outdoors and they look beautiful when lit, launched, and float up, up and away, which as they say, is great for any kind of party, not just firework night. This set of Glo-Lanterns came in one colour but you can get other packages with various tones, shapes and sizes. They do come with safety instructions, although (not to put a dampener on such a good product, but) I have to point out, I was a little bit worried that for some reason they may float up and away and perhaps later down a chimney and set fire to someone's house, but rest assured, that didn't happen and probably wouldn't since they would burn out before that is possible. And anyway, don't fireworks have much more dangerous risks? Of course, if you do get these because your animals are scared of fireworks and you live close to others that are letting off fireworks - you can't stop them from having their fun, so it's best to have your 'Guy Fawkes Night' on a different day! Whatever your reasons are for buying these, they do make a spectacular nighttime display. I only wish I had taken some photos or done a video review! Next time I will. The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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REVIEW: Glo Lanterns | Authentic Chinese Sky Lanterns REVIEW: Glo Lanterns | Authentic Chinese Sky Lanterns Reviewed by Sassy Brit @ on 7:39 pm Rating: 5

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