GIVEAWAY! Cathy Lette's Splash Proof Book - plus 10,000 freebies! -

GIVEAWAY! Cathy Lette's Splash Proof Book - plus 10,000 freebies!

New AR Giveaway!
I have very kindly been given one copy of Kathy Lette's new splash proof book to give away.
The winner will also receive Radox bath products to compliment the book!

It's for UK readers only, until further notice -- as soon as I find out if other countries can enter I will let you know.

Competition starts today and ends September 30th 2009.

How do you enter?

Become a Google follower AND Comment to say:
1) you follow
2)your email address
so I can contact you if you are the winner!
*This instantly counts as TWO entries--BUT you have to do both!*

Want extra chances to win?

Click here for further details, and to read the full set of rules!

Best selling author Kathy Lette has teamed up with Radox to pen ‘All Steamed Up’, a brand new water resistant book that women can read whilst letting of steam – literally, in a bubble bath.
The water resistant novella, dedicated to ‘all stressed women everywhere’, was written as part of the Radox ‘Be Selfish’ campaign, and from the 4th September will be available free HERE! The story has been specially written in four parts, so that if a full on soak is not achievable the plot can be picked up at a later ‘selfish’ date.
The Radox Be-Selfish campaign, launched in June 2009, aims to change the negative perceptions of being selfish. Research* conducted by Radox found that the average British women spends 21 years of her life looking after other people, and only three on herself. This has resulted in 63% of women admitting to ‘boiling over’ on a regular basis, a condition labelled Vesuvius Syndrome**. 

Radox hopes the new ‘Be-Selfish’ campaign will galvanise women to take time, and have a Selfish hour. Marianne McGoldrick, Marketing Manager for Radox explains: “Being Selfish doesn’t only mean ‘at the expense of others’ like it used to; it’s about doing something positive for you. Nowadays a little bit of ‘tending to yourself’ guarantees a stronger, calmer more effective and efficient you; and surely that is better for all concerned?”

Kathy Lette explains her decision to join the campaign and write the novella: “When Radox approached me to write a water resistant book which women could read whilst letting off steam – literally in a bubble bath – it resonated with a theme I’ve often addressed in my books i.e. that being selfish and taking time out for you is so much cheaper than a divorce or a nervous breakdown.

She continues, “I hope the book will give women the green light to take some selfish time. It’s ‘superwoman’ tough to manage working, babies, running a house, bringing up children, making fairy costumes and whipping up gourmet spectaculars while also remaining svelte, sensuous and hot to trot. The only way to avoid boiling over, is to take a selfish break every day”. 

‘All Steamed Up’ is a comedic take on all those Vesuvial moments in a woman’s life, from pregnancy to the agonies of childbirth, the mind numbing tedium of looking after small children and the chaos of trying to juggle kids and career without dropping anything - to the indifference of busy husbands and finally the ironical heartache of empty nest syndrome. The story finds Katie Love escaping into a bubble bath and talking to the tap as the only way to stay a float.
All Steamed Up is a tool that permits women to let the reality cheque bounce, run a bath, lock the door, lie back and relax in selfish bliss for ten minutes.

Marianne McGoldrick, Marketing Manager Sara Lee explains, “We wanted to work with Kathy Lette because she is a woman’s woman and understands what makes them tick; what annoys them, makes them laugh, and most importantly what makes them Vesuvial. We feel there is no better author to encourage women to put themselves first every once in a while, to take some time out and Be Selfish. As Kathy says herself ‘a woman can have it all –just not all at once”.
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GIVEAWAY! Cathy Lette's Splash Proof Book - plus 10,000 freebies! GIVEAWAY! Cathy Lette's Splash Proof Book - plus 10,000 freebies! Reviewed by Sassy Brit @ on 9:52 am Rating: 5


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