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EXCERPT: PG;Keep it in the Closet;M/M;Romance

Keep It In The Closet by Remmy Duchene

Title: Keep It In the Closet
Author: Remmy Duchene
Length: Short Story
Cover By: Kato Rain - Arigato Designs
Status: Now Available at Red Eclipse Writers

Jason Higgin has very wealthy parents who are pillars of the community and having a gay son is just out of the question. When he comes out to them they told him it's quite alright, just as long as no one else knows. Jason settles for Erik Rhodes porn and brief booty calls out of town but other than that was sexless for over a year. He gets hired by the city's most eligible gay batchelor to do the cover for his new book. When Jason gets drawn to him, what is he to do.

Forget the fake 'gay dar' Mark Spalding doesn't need it. Mark has known Jason from high school and he knew that Jason was gay then and is now. He also knew Jason's talents with graphics and wants the best for his new book. He hires Jason and the moment the graphic designer walks into Mark's life once more, Mark knows he wants him. Will he be able to entice Jason from the closet or will Jason allows his parents to control his life and his happiness?

Contemporary Erotic Author
Gay Erotic Author
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