Book Blog Meme: Tuesday Teaser -

Book Blog Meme: Tuesday Teaser

This is my first go with Teaser Tuesday, a blog meme hosted by MizB on Should Be Reading. It looked so much fun, I couldn't resist. In fact, I did two!

Grab your current read. Let the book fall open to a random page. Share (2) “teaser” sentences from that page. Share the title & author of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like your teaser. Please avoid spoilers!

So here are my two Tuesday Teasers:

She leaned over the small dining table, telling herself it was because she didn't want to be overheard-- not because she wanted to be closer to him, inhale the spicy cologne that made her want to sniff, then bite.

The Way You Love Me
Francis Ray
Pg 113
Only a fool would sit back and do nothing with this windfall. Getting to know the Volnoth King, by spending a couple of months in close quarters with him -- and appearing to do him a favour -- while keeping a close eye on him during this crisis in his marriage, seemed like a Machiavellian-Princely thing to do.

Knight's Fork
Rowena Cherry
Pg 134

Added: I removed a couple of sentences from the second teaser! :) I had gone overboard with not just doing two, but writing far too much. Well, that's what excitment does for you.

And tomorrow I have a meme of my own, for Wednesdays! Please do pop in and take a look.


ADDED Wednesday, 3rd June: Author, Rowena Cherry has very kindly pointed out to me that my teaser from Knight's Fork came from p. 169 of the paperback version that most people can obtain. Where as I was lucky enough to be quoting from the Advance Review Copy, where the print was smaller and the pages larger. So, p 134 might mystify anyone nipping into a library or bookstore to check on it. Apologies to any confused readers out there! :)

Thinking about it, the same may be true for my other teaser...The Way You Love Me by Francis Ray. Oops! The "Inside Story" by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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  1. OOh 1st teaser is great. The Way You Love Me sounds very enticing.
    Thanks for visiting my blog too.
    Here's my Teaser

  2. Welcome-you did great!!! Your blog is looking good & thanks for visiting:)

  3. The first teaser is especially good! Welcome to Teaser Tuesday.

  4. Great teaser! You're going to enjoy doing this, I can tell.

    My own teaser is at Bookishgal.

  5. I would like to smell him!!! Loved your teaser and Welcome to Teaser Tuesday...hope to see you around!!

  6. Teaser 1 sounds fun and teaser 2 sounds calculated.

    I also have a tendency to go way over the 2 sentence limit for quotes.

  7. I just happened to be working up an audio book reading when I glanced at my Google Alerts and found this Teaser Tuesday.

    My Teaser: Page 107. Insufficient Mating Material (by me)

    "I was hoping you'd ask." Djetth grinned. "Annoy me enough, and I'll rip that dress off you. Think about it."

  8. Sassy,

    Your teaser from Knight's Fork by Rowena Cherry (me) came from p. 169 of the paperback version that most people can obtain.

    The print was smaller and the pages larger in the Advance Review Copy you used. So, p 134 might mystify anyone nipping into a library or bookstore to check on it.

    The Volnoth King is an alien who wears no clothes at all, but he can change the color of any part of his skin at will.

    His Queen has been thrust into an intergalactic "Helen of Troy" situation, and enemy armies (also her husband's) are in hot pursuit.

  9. Thanks so much for commenting, Teddyree, Julie, Beth, Phyl, Staci, and Caspette!

    And a big thank you Rowena for pointing that out to me -- I might have to edit the post just to point that out. I didn't realise that -- about the ARC copies sometimes being different. The good thing about that is that the readers would have to probably read the whole book to find it :)

    Thanks for joining in, too Rowena!

  10. LOL, Sassy.

    I keep Print On Demand rights so I can create special print ARCs for the reviewers I most appreciate, and also for the occasional truly rare prize.

    It seems to cost about the same to photocopy galleys at Kinkos or to have a printer do a run (isn't that ridiculous!!!).

    By the way, I think this Tuesday Teaser idea of yours is *fantastic* and I look forward to seeing clips what everyone else is reading.

    All the best,

  11. Oh the Tuesday Teaser isn't my idea - but it is fantastic, and I'm definitely participating again! We have MizB on Should Be Reading to thank for this.

    Although, I am the host for Sassy's What's on your desk Wednesday?



  12. The Tuesday Teaser seems to be a great idea, Sassy. What a rash of comments!

    Now, I know it's Friday, but here's a random teaser for you from a marvelous book called Miranda by John R. Little...

    "I knew he was scared, knew exactly how he felt.
    There wasn't enough strength for him to even whimper. His eyes were glassy and only occasionally would focus on me, asking me to help him."

  13. Thank you, Clayton,

    Awww how sad is that? Now I want to know if she helped him and how!

    Thanks for your comment.



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