REVIEW: Something Better ~ Alexandra Vonn ~ Romance ~ Self-published - GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!!!! -

REVIEW: Something Better ~ Alexandra Vonn ~ Romance ~ Self-published - GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!!!!

Author: Alexandra Vonn
Website of Author:
Genre: Romance
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9821335-1-4
Length: 204 pages
Format: Adobe PDF eBook
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Kendra Hunter, named custodian of her sister's children, has them taken from her. The parents of her brother-in-law, Michael Doby, sues for custody on the grounds that Kendra's wandering lifestyle is unsuitable for rearing children and that Kendra couldn't hold a job long enough to support them. Vaughn Hill, the Dobys' lawyer and good at painting the worse possible picture of not only Kendra's work habits, but also her personal relationships, claimed he did it for Kendra's own good. In the process of painting that picture, Kendra fell into an epileptic seizure which seemed to put an end to the custody suit, giving the children to the Dobys.

Naturally, from that day onward, Kendra hates Vaughn Hill. Everything she learns about him from her visits to the children is in direct contrast to her picture of him built around his insufferable treatment in court. When she learns he kept a precious angel box from her that her sister had sent to him to give to Kendra when he found her whereabouts, she vowed to take the box without his knowing. Impossible, and the issuing argument nearly causes another seizure. After the court appearance, Kendra's luck begins to change and she's directed to a library job by none other than Judge Ann Small who had ruled in favor of the Dobys. Judge Small also points Kendra to a nice apartment. Kendra is pursued by a professor and her future is looking better every day. However, her luck does not last long. Deceit and treachery seem to be the order of the day and Kendra is in a pit of despair so great, she begins to give up. Vaughn Hill must find a way to keep that from happening. His love for her will not allow him to sit by and do nothing. The question is: Will he act in time to save Kendra? You will have to read the book for that answer.

Buy the book, kick off your shoes and settle down because you will not want to put this book down until the last page has been read. Alexandra Vonn has veered from the sweet, almost perfect heroine of romance history to create a more realistic woman. One with a major health problem--epileptic seizures. You will shed tears over Kendra as you read about her all around bad luck with holding jobs, keeping the children, and personal relationships. Nothing is going right for her until she decides to change herself. This is one of the most important lessons we learn from our daily living and Ms. Vonn did a superb job bringing Kendra from a hot-tempered, self-absorbed wanderer to a responsible and loving woman. I recommend this story for ladies in their teens to the elderly in their eighties.

Alexandra Vonn was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and has also lived in Merchantville, New Jersey, Annapolis, Maryland, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Chatham College. She now resides in northern New Jersey. An avid baseball fan, she divides her free time between rooting for her beloved New York Yankees and waiting (and/or searching) for "Mr. You'll Do."


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REVIEW: Something Better ~ Alexandra Vonn ~ Romance ~ Self-published - GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!!!! REVIEW:  Something Better ~ Alexandra Vonn ~ Romance ~ Self-published - GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!!!! Reviewed by Anonymous on 9:11 pm Rating: 5

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