REVIEW: Audio CD ~ Languages. Spanish. -

REVIEW: Audio CD ~ Languages. Spanish.

Hmm...Este esta bueno!

By Sassy Brit

I have a son, 13, who, believe it or not, is enjoying using these CD's as much as me. He's just started Spanish at school.

Often you will find me in the kitchen, with this audio course blaring out of my speakers, whilst cooking. Or at least trying not to burn things to the bottom of my pan. Before long my son's there at the table with me - practicing and shouting out the answers! (Before me sometimes, but shush!)

I love this. When Collins advertised this as an exciting Easy Learning Spanish kit, I wasn't too sure at first. It is fun, my 13 year old wouldn't be doing it otherwise. That kind of proves it for me. Maybe it's the thrill of learning a new language, or being competitive with his mum, but maybe it could be simply that this really is an easy way to learn. Out of the classroom, so to speak.

First, you hear a conversation all the way through, then line by line, with an explanation of new phrases and words. So there is none of this 'OK new word I don't understand. Where's my dictionary?' shenanigans.

Then, you listen to it all again, stop the CD and reply in your own time. You don't even have too stop the CD if you are confident enough. With more practice this is eventually what happens.

All you need to learn the Spanish you require while abroad is here. With no hefty grammar books! Just an accompanying 48-page colour booklet with all the CD conversations and helpful hints. Sound skinny and feeble to you? It's actually very useful.
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REVIEW: Audio CD ~ Languages. Spanish. REVIEW: Audio CD ~ Languages. Spanish. Reviewed by Sassy Brit @ on 2:14 pm Rating: 5

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