BOOK EXCERPT: -Rogue Angel-Coming Tomorrow To eXtasy Books-Adult -

BOOK EXCERPT: -Rogue Angel-Coming Tomorrow To eXtasy Books-Adult

I am so excited, the third book of my Archangel Series is available at !

Thestory continues three years after Captive Angels ended and it features two of my favorite characters, Ana and Appolion.

Rogue Angel

Archangel Series Book Three


At the age of nine, Appolion's immortal future was forever chanced
when his parents sided with Lucifer in the revolt against Michael and the angel warriors. Dragged against his will to Hell, with his twin sister Rachael, he spent centuries being abused and tortured until he was finally exiled to Earth. With nowhere to go and not even knowing if he is angel or demon, Appolion lives a lonely, bleak existence.

All that changes when it is discovered he possesses rare gifts that set him apart from all angels and demons. When Appolion learns that everyone believes he is part of an elite group of archangels, the Order of Four, he scoffs at them. He's no hero, he's just a rogue angel who wants to be left alone. Unfortunately, since the only luck Appolion has is bad luck, that's not in the cards for him. The demons want him so the Order will never be complete, the justice angels want him contained, and another certain female angel, named Ana, wants him for her own personal reasons. Revenge.

Ana has always tried to do what is right and play by the rules. All that changed when the justice angels betrayed her family. She vows to make those responsible pay and she knows Appolion's powers can help her do that. The fact that he happens to be the hottest male she has ever laid eyes on has nothing to do with her pursuit of him. Or does it?


His hand was under the blanket and was making lazy circles on her bare hip. She didn't dare move because she was afraid if she did he would stop and that was the last thing she wanted. After centuries of being alone and cold she had finally found a male that could set her on fire.

Okay maybe she was acting a little slutty, but she didn't care. If anything, she just wanted him to move his hand to other places. Maybe she had projected that thought to him, or maybe it was because she shifted her leg, because his hand slowly made its way to the inside of her thigh and slowly trailed up until he was almost caressing her in her most intimate spot.

"Appolion, please touch me," she moaned. She was shocked as soon as the words left her mouth, she'd never talked dirty before.

"I am touching you." She was pleased to notice he was just as breathless as her.

"You know what I mean." She buried her face in his chest so he wouldn't notice she was blushing.
[excerpt stopped short as it was too hot!]

Stephani Hecht
A little nice and a lot of naughty.

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    Thanks for putting my excerpt here. I feel so honored and famous. If anyone wants to read the rest of it, they can find it at


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